Get to Know: Our Tile Installation Layout Tool


Granada Tile‘s cement tiles can go pretty much anywhere, so, if you’re yearning to makeover your house, our concrete tiles are the perfect answer for your bathroom tile or for your kitchen tile—to name just a few spots where they fit in perfectly. To get you started, you can take a look at tile photos on our tile installation galleries, which give you all kinds of inspiration from colors and patterns to tile and design installation ideas all in one handy spot. We’ve got another great tool to help you too. Say you’ve decided that Ardoz-924 is the cement tile of your dreams. You think it would be perfect as your bathroom tile (maybe as tile walls or tile floors) but think you might want to do a little something more with it. Maybe you saw our post last week about the patchwork bathroom tiles and it got you thinking. Then our layout tool is just for you!

 The graphic chevrons of Granada Tile’s Ardoz-924 tile design. Tile photo, Granda Tile.

You can start by creating a portfolio. If you’re new to the Granada Tile site, just follow the prompts to help you set one up. Then, visit our Echo Collection catalogue and start browsing. Select a tile, start playing with the colors (the page will tell you exactly how). Once you’ve created a cement tile design, simply click Save to Portfolio and there it is! Create a few different tile designs and just keep saving them. Now for the fun part. Go to your portfolio. Near the top will be a bar where you can design your own custom layouts. Start by naming the new tile layout, select the size you want it to be from the pulldown menu and start playing. You can add as many different tile installation ideas as you like to your layout—add borders, add corners, change orientations—experiment to your heart’s content. Try creating a tile frame, a tile backsplash, a tile floor, even tile wall art.

 Go wild using Granada Tile’s Layout Tool to create your own custom tile installations. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

When you’ve finished developing your dream tile installation, save it. If you’re ready to purchase tile, you can email the tile design to us, and we can get you started on the process. So give our layout tool a shot, it might give you a jolt of inspiration! 


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