Get the Know: Vintage Charm with Our Antique Collection of Cement Tile


Over the past year, we’ve introduced you to most of Granada Tile‘s stunning collections of cement tiles. Today we’d like to introduce you to yet another of our concrete tile ranges—the Antique Collection. Just like our other cement tile collections, the Antique Collection combines outstanding beauty with amazing durability and environmental responsibility. These cement tiles would make a fabulous choice for your next concrete tile installation.

 Our Square tile design from the Antique Collection. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

For a classic look, try our Square pattern with a name that says it all. It’s a simple, geometric pattern of square cement tiles with a warm, rich patina. If you’re looking for a tile design that allows other elements in your space to pop, opt for this 12-by-12 tile design. In your kitchen tile installation or in an interior floor tile installation, it would provide a stunning foundation to layer elements against. We also offer six-by-12 rectangular tiles in our Antique Collection. These tiles allow you to play with your tile installation ideas. You could stack them to create a traditional “subway” pattern. Another fun idea would be to alternate their positions to create a more varied look. Try slicing a few, too, to yield small insets. If you were feeling especially bold, you could also include our some of our Echo Collection’s small decorative tiles as insets. You’d get some added color and visual interest for a kitchen tile installation, for example.

Antique Collection
 Rectangular tiles create a complex pattern. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Of course, since we’re Granada Tile, we can’t just offer you two options for your next cement tile installation. Our Antique collection also includes  a Star Cross pattern too—a bit more decorative and complex than the rest of the cement tile collection. If you’re in the market for something subtle but still with a little kick, this classic tile pattern is just the ticket. It’s a bit smaller scale than the other two patterns but holds its own with its lovely shape. Intrigued? Want to bring a touch of the Old World into your next tile design project. Order a sample to see for yourself how our Antique Collection would work in your kitchen tile installation or bathroom tile installation. You can also check on our stock of the cement tiles, so you can be off and running on your next tile installation project.


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