Get the Look: Cement Tiles Inspired by Antique Cement Tiles of Nicaragua


Yesterday, we showed you some more incredible cement tile photos snapped while  Marcos and Melanie have traveled around Nicaragua. As you might expect, some of these antique tile designs have made their way into Granada Tile’s own tile designs. Today, we’re thrilled to show you how you can bring the look of of some Nicaraguan tile designs into your own tile installation project. First up, Tangier. It’s a design that takes its cues in part from the tile design spotted in a Nicaragua hotel. It’s an abstract tile design that lends itself to a large palette of hues. You can play around indefinitely with it—try going for contrasting colors or mute its boldness by choosing a mix of similar shades. It’s a great concrete tile design for tile installations both large and small.

Tangier cement tile design
 With its rich, abstract pattern, Tangier has an almost quilt-like effect. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

For a riff on the tile design found at the Gran Francia hotel in Granada, Nicaragua, look no further than our Montalcino tile design. It captures the same delicate beauty found in the antique tile design with its small sprigs of flowers dotting the central quatrefoils. There are echoes of Italy (hence its name) combined with the strong flavor of Central America.

 A floral design fits inside the trellis pattern of Montalcino, which brings a bit of Italy—and Nicaragua—to cement tile. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Star-type patterns are a classic the world over, so it’s no surprise that Melanie and Marcos would come across one in Nicaragua, this time at the Hotel Dario. We’ve got several to choose from at Granada Tile, which incorporate a star design in various interpretations. A great choice would be Calais, an eight-by-eight cement tile design that’s simple and elegant. It uses just a star pattern with small squares at the corners. To amp up the look, try varying the colors of the star points or the corner squares. Try it, when you’re looking for something with a bit less pattern.

 A simple star pattern is a great tile design choice when you’re looking for a simple, elegant tile installation.

For more tile installation ideas, visit our historic tile design pages. We’ve got plenty more lovely images of antique tile from Nicaragua, not to mention other stunning concrete tiles from all over the world.


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