Get the Look: Bringing a Bit of Cuba to Your Own Home


With so much happening here at Granada Tile—new cement tile designs launching, new concrete tile installations to share—it has been a while since we’ve talked about global inspiration for your own tile projects. We’ve certainly got plenty of that for you, given that intrepid world travelers Melanie and Marcos are always snapping tile photos wherever they go. With that in mind, we thought we’d revisit Cuba. (You might remember a  few months back we shared some tile pictures of Cuban cement tile.) During the early heyday of cement tile, Cuba was a particular hotspot and many of the historic tile installations still exist. We’ve got some more great tile photos to show you and some ideas from our own Echo Collectionof cement tile for you to get the look yourself! Here’s one particularly divine tile designspotted by Melanie and Marcos in Havana. We love the large, circular pattern, which makes a bold statement in the small hallway where it’s installed.

Havana tile
 A large-scale cement tile design makes a big statement in a small entryway in Havana, Cuba. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

For a look inspired by the Cuban entryway, try using our Kiev tile design. It’s a large-scale tile design very similar to the pattern of circle found in the Havana entrance. It would look fantastic in a tile installation in bigger space, where the magnitude of the design could be showcased.

 A stunning, large-scale pattern, Granada Tile’s Kiev cement tile design echoes the tile installation found in a Havana hallway. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Another great cement tile design spied in Havana has to be the one from a Havana jewelry shop. It’s a high energy cement tile design that animates the floor.

jewelry store cement tile
 With just a handful of colors, a concrete tile installation in Havana, Cuba, jewelry store animates the space. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

From Granada Tile’s own Echo Collection, incorporate Bucharest into your next tile installation. It has a similar animated quality, and its scale is small enough to look great in all sorts of spaces—from tile backsplashes to bathroom tile installations.

 Our Bucharest cement tile design has a great scale that works well in many settings. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

As you might guess, this is just the tip of the Cuban cement tile iceberg. We’ve got plenty more stunning tile installations from across Cuba on our historic tile installation section. Take a moment to visit, and then check out our interactive catalogue for more great Cuban-inspired tile designs. [subscribe2]


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