Get the Look: Bringing Granada, Nicaragua, to You


Last week we showed you some amazing historical cement tile in Granada, Nicaragua—this week, we’ll share with you how to bring a little of that flavor into your own project. It’s not surprising, considering Granada Tile not only takes its name from the city but quite a bit of our concrete tile design inspiration comes from there too! We’ve rounded up a few of our cement tile designs below that show you how to capture the look of Granada. Say you love the concrete tile pattern on the floor of the Granada Cultural Center. It’s the palette that grabs you, along with the geometry of the strapwork.

 A sunburst and strapwork pattern at the Granada Cultural Center. Image, Granada Tile.

For your own project, try Granada Tile’s bold 10-by-10-inch Malaga-1022, a concrete tile pattern from our flagship Echo Collection. When rendered in silver, white, yellow and coral, it’s a perfect match for the cement tiles on the Cultural Center’s floor. Of course, you can customize it—selecting your own color scheme.

 Capture the striking strapwork pattern at the Granada Cultural Center with our cement tile Malaga-1022. Image, Granada Tile.

Did you love the circles, flowers, and the soft, rosy tones of the covered arcade along Granada’s Central Plaza?

 Rosy hues cover the floor of an outdoor arcade by the Central Plaza. Image, Granada Tile.

Choose our concrete tile pattern Bordeaux-20 offers a similar mix of circles and stylized flowers and then opt for reds and pinks.

 In pink and red hues, Bordeaux echoes the design found in Granada. Image, Granada Tile.

In a more modern vein, you can recreate the dizzying, monochromatic effect found in a Granada sitting room.

 A monochromatic palette creates a dizzying geometric effect. Image, Granada Tile.

Maldon-453 offers a similarly bold look when the triangles composing the pattern are done in a gray-scale.

 The geometric beauty of Maldon. Image, Granada Tile.

Of course, you can always try out your own ideas with our interactive Echo Collection catalogue to see how you can get the look!


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