Granada Goes Forth: Cement Tiles in Minas Gerais and Beyond


Looking at the photos from Melanie and Marcos’s Brazil trip, it’s amazing to see all the wonderful varieties of cement tile that seem to pop up everywhere they looked. The historic town of Tiradentes brimmed with phenomenal concrete tile installations—it doesn’t have the monopoly on fantastic cement tile in Minais Gerais state, though. Today we’ll show you some tile photos from Ouro Preto and Itatiaia, and we’ll head on down to Rio to check out some scrumptious cement tiles there, too! Breakfast at Pousada do Ouvridor in Ouro Preto, also in Minais Gerais, features a fabulous buffet and some mouthwatering tile design. The floor at the charming inn located in the heart of the historic city there has a chic, mustard-and-dark red strapwork tile design that works perfectly set against the rusticated stone of the walls.

 Two-color cement tiles cover the floor at the Pousada do Ouvridor in Ouro Preto, Brazil. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Unexpected cement tile gems also popped up in the village of Itatiaia, near Ouro Branco. The Villa Itatiaia Restaurante prides itself on its local, traditional food presented in a stunning restaurant that was painstakingly crafted by its owners to capture the beauty of its surroundings. Cement tiles surround the wood-burning stove, where most of the food is prepared (some of the dishes are even begun days before they’re served). The warm hues and simple, abstract pattern of the concrete tiles work perfectly together.

 An abstract cement tile installation surrounds the wood stove at Villa Itatiaia Restaurante, near Ouro Branco. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Villa Itatiaia’s owners carried cement tile throughout their restaurant. A few create a charming tile backsplash in a bathroom. It’s only four tiles, but it proves just how effective even a handful of cement tiles can be in adding personality, color and fun to a space, no matter the size.

 A sweet cement tile backsplash in a bathroom at Villa Itatiaia Restaurant near Ouro Branco. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

No trip to Brazil, though, would be complete without at least a little time in Rio, and Marcos and Melanie happily paid a visit. Out and about, they spotted a fun tile carpet beckoning shoppers into a clothing store. It’s an elaborate tile installation with six different tile designs, not to mention a wide border made up of multicolored cement tiles.

 Outside a Rio de Janeiro clothing store, an elaborate tile carpet welcomes shoppers. Tile photo, Fabrício Alves Vieira.

That wasn’t the only concrete tile installation at the shop. Wall tiles in an equally elaborate pattern lined the exterior. It’s one of the more exciting ones we’ve seen. Not only are there the usual mix of floral and geometric tile designs, but there’s an unusual numeric tile there as well. See if you can spot it!

 Patchwork wall tiles outside the same Rio clothing store. Tile photo, Fabrício Alves Vieir.

If no trip to Brazil isn’t complete without a trip to Rio, then no trip to Rio is complete without a trip to Confeitaria Colombo in the city’s downtown. Modeled on the great early 20th-century Parisian patisseries, it’s a must-see and taste. Not to mention, it features some wonderful antique cement tiles.

 A birds-eye view reveals delicious cement tiles at Confeitaria Colombo, a historic patisserie in Rio. Tile photo, Fabrício Alves Vieira.

Needless to say, Marcos and Melanie returned from their trip to Brazil exhausted but brimming with fantastic ideas. Check back to see what their trip inspired and be sure to share your own tile pictures with us. 


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