Installation Equation: Cement Tiles Transform Spaces in a Los Angeles House


One of the best parts about our job is when we get to see Granada Tile‘s fabulous cement tiles installed in projects. Not only that, but we get to hear the hows and whys behind the process—from what drew our clients to our concrete tiles in the first place to the process they went through deciding on designs and palettes. For our clients Lauren and Chris Isola, the story begins with a 1924 Spanish style fixer. Lauren Isola reports, “We looked at other tile ideas, but when we saw this tile in Granada, we fell in love!” The couple quickly set about tracking them down and discovered they were available in Los Angeles. Savvy tile-philes that they are, Isola reports “we took pictures of all the tile we saw around Granada and one of those gave us the inspiration for the palette in the kitchen (a warm coral, green and yellow). We were planning on a more neutral palette in our bathroom (black and white) so we played around with Granada Tile’s online tool to choose a black, gray and white pattern.”

Normandy cement tile kitchen installation

For the kitchen tile in her 1924 Spanish-style house in Los Angeles, Lauren and Chris Isola opted for our Normandy cement tile design in a warm, sunny custom color combination. Photo courtesy Lauren and Chris Isola. In the kitchen, the concrete tiles in our Cluny tile design (in a custom color combination) add a stunning dose of color and pattern to the floor, playing off the white cabinets and ceramic subway tile backsplash. “Many people think the tile is original,” she says, “but it also adds a definite modern feel.” The Isolas opted for Normandy cement tile in the bathroom. Here, though, the palette is more muted, with a range of grays. A more contemporary-feeling space than the kitchen, the concrete tiles still bring a level of period authenticity to the room—something they were very keen on playing up as they undertook the renovation. The pattern, though, is a bit more understated than Cluny, allowing for a more pared-down and modern look. Normandy bathroom tile installation.

For the bathroom, too, the Isolas went with our Normandy cement tile design in another custom color combination. In a range of grays, white and black, the look of the cement tiles is crisp and bold Photo courtesy Lauren and Chris Isola. For the Isolas, choosing cement tile from Granada Tile was the perfect decision. “I love that it brings so much color and interest to those rooms,” she notes. “It is definitely the first thing people notice (and compliment)! They are also surprisingly versatile. Finally, they are so easy to upkeep. We have dogs and wanted something that wasn’t going to be hard to clean (because of the colors we chose and the natural patina of the tiles, they don’t show dirt) and wouldn’t chip or scratch easily (since used in the kitchen and other high traffic areas). We really couldn’t be happier how they have worked out!”


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