Installation Equation: Exploring Tile Installation Ideas for Our Stripes Range


Are you in love with Granada Tile‘s Stripes range yet? We sure are—as thrilled as thrilled can be with the these new additions to our flagship Echo Collection. And, as we showed you last week, plenty of other folks are falling hard for these wonderful cement tiles. If you’re ready to include these stunning cement tiles in your next tile installation project (but not sure exactly how to do it), fear not, we’ve got some ideas. For as simple as the concrete tile design is, it’s amazingly versatile installation-wise. You can really let your imagination go wild with this deceptively simple tile collection. For starters, you can always opt for a minimal, yet elegant, approach. Using the Boston tile design, a great combination of parallel stripes of equal, not-very-wide width, try installing the tiles next to each other to create a lovely horizontal look. It’s a smashing take that would be sensational when installed as a tile backsplash.

Boston horizontal
 Install rows of our new Boston cement tile design for a stunning look. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Of course, you can also install our Boston cement tile design in rows with the stripes oriented vertically. But how about mixing things up just a bit more? With Boston, you can create some truly remarkable tile installations. For example, by adjusting every other tile design for an alternating horizontal/vertical pattern, you can devise a really chic tile installation with a woven ook. This would make a lovely kitchen tile installation on a floor—giving the illusion of a flat-weave carpet.

 To create a basket weave tile design, play with the angles of the cement tiles. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Another fun idea would be to alternate rows of horizontal and vertical concrete tiles. The result is a tile installation that just pops with a three-dimensional effect. It’s eye-catching an unusual for when you want to make your tile design stand out. Try it in a bathroom for the wall tiles for a really bold feel.

Boston alternate
 For a 3D effect, alternate rows of horizontal and vertical tiles. It’s chic—and adds depth to your tile installation. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Keep checking back here. We’ll play with some other great tile designs from the Stripes range to keep you inspired. In the meantime, experiment yourself with our interactive Echo Collection catalogue, which will allow you to change up color combinations. And, try out the layout tool to see how make the Stripes range work for your next tile installation project. [subscribe2]


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