Installation Equation: Granada Tile in the Kitchen


It’s pretty much a given that, no matter the occasion, the party generally winds up in the kitchen—be it an elegant formal dinner or a casual gathering with pizza. It’s really no surprise then that when folks choose to remodel or start from scratch, the kitchen automatically gets special attention. With cement tile from Granada Tile as part of your kitchen, you’ve immediately upped the design ante! No matter what your personal style, our Echo Collection has a little something for anyone looking to spice up a kitchen. Herewith are some tile photos to get you thinking about kitchen tile installation. Do you lean to the traditional but stil like a little spark? Here’s a great tile backsplash in a more traditional kitchen.

 Our multicolored Alhambra tile design livens up a sweet, traditional kitchen. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

The palette of the Alhambra tile pattern complements the yellow and green of the kitchen cabinets. It strikes a rustic note, too, that works perfectly with the wood countertops. Even if you’re more the industrial type—think spare, gleaming expanses of stainless steel—our concrete tiles are just right for you. Just take a look at what the folks at Shubin Donaldson did for the Biscuit Filmworks office kitchen.

 For the kitchen at Biscuit Filmworks, Fez provides a lively tile backsplash. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Using our Fez tile design for the kitchen tile immediately brightens the space and adds pattern and color, tempering the potential severity of the polished marble and stainless steel. As you can see, Granada tile isn’t just for small scale backsplashes or kitchen wall tiles in more industrial settings. When used as wall tiles over a large space in a residential kitchen, the effect is equally impressive.

 More than just backsplash tile, Cluny covers an entire wall in a contemporary kitchen. Tile photo courtesy Orange Beautiful and Colleen Locke.

The chic, classically French tile design of Cluny holds it own in the contemporary kitchen and mixes effortlessly with the bold light fixtures and table. Of course, Granada tile isn’t just for tile backsplashes or kitchen tile walls! It’s also the perfect choice for your kitchen floor since it’s so tough—taking a beating from feet, paws, spills and drops it still looks amazing.

 Another take for Cluny, this time as the floor tile in a kitchen. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

In Adrianna Lopez’s talented hands, she saved the tile for the floors for a recent kitchen project. Against the stark white of the walls, cabinets and appliances, our Cluny tile design brings levity to the kitchen and proves Granada Tile can look great anywhere! If you’re thinking about a kitchen tile installation yourself, we’ve got lots more photos to inspire you on our Web site. Take a look, get some ideas. Give us a shout. We can’t wait to see what you come up with! 


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