Installation Equation: More Great Bathroom Tile Design Ideas


Yesterday, we showed you how Granada Tile‘s cement tiles can be transformed by playing a bit with color—and how the tiles can transform a space. Today, we’re back with some more amazing bathroom tile installations created by designer and builder Ken Koonce and featuring sensational cement tiles from our Echo Collection. In this crop of projects, Clunyfigures prominently again, but it’s used in two very different ways. You’ll also see how our concrete tiles play nicely with others, since a couple of the projects also include ceramic tiles for a mix of shapes and textures that yield rich results. The first project we want to show you is a bathroom with a floor covered in our Cluny tile design. In the traditional-feeling space, Koonce opted for a mix of warm, neutral shades for his take on the cement tile. The slightly darker shades add another dimension to the space, with its palette of lighter neutrals.

Normandy in neutral
 Cluny in neutral hues covers the floor of the bathroom. Its pattern gives just the right amount of flair to the space. Tile photo, Ken Koonce.

Switching gears from Normandy, our client went with St. Tropez in another bathroom project. This space has a similarly timeless and traditional feel and shows just how well Granada Tile can mix with other types of tile to create a richly layered palette of materials. The tile design blends effortlessly with the mottled beige ceramic subway tiles and the tile medallion inset in the tub area.

St. Tropez
 The shades of sun and sky in our St. Tropez tile design brighten a bathroom. Tile photo, Ken Koonce.

Our last cement tile installation is a quite a showstopper. For the project, Koonce went with the always-chic combo of black, white and gray. We love how the fixtures and fittings are a balance between the traditional (the tub for example) and the modern (the contemporary, almost sculptural faucets). What could be almost sterile is softened in large part due to the Cluny tile design covering the floor. The floral hints in the concrete tile provide a nice dose of pattern.

Normandy black and white
 The crispness of the black-and-white palette in a bathroom is offset by the the curves and florals of our Normandy tile design. Tile photo, Ken Koonce

If you’re still hungry for more bathroom tile ideas—for small bathrooms or large bathrooms—we’ve got plenty more ideas. Just head over to our installation pages, where you can see dozens of great tile photos to get you on the road to your dream cement tile installation. Special thanks to designer/builder/photographer: Ken Koonce [subscribe2]


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