Installation Equation: Seeing Stars in Cement Tile


In Los Angeles, you can’t help but see stars. Head down Hollywood Boulevard, and there’s the Walk of Fame. Pop in to a Starbucks in one of the more actor-centric precincts of the city, and more than likely, you’ll see someone who looks kinda familiar—you just can’t place her until that night when you get home and start watching a new show. The lightbulb goes off. That was the woman ordering the soy latte this morning. Stars figure prominently in Granada Tile‘s cement tile collections too. Of course our Echo Tile designs features plenty of the motif, but our other collections do too. Today, we’re taking you on a tile photo tour of some of our celestial cement tile designs. First up is Salamanca, one of our 10-by-10 inch tile designs from our Echo Collection. It features a bold eight-point star at the center and quarter-round elements at each of the corners. For a floor tile installation, it would be outstanding. The tile design just begs to be featured in a wide-open space.

 Salamanca features a bold eight-point star pattern at the center of the tile design. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

We think La Rochelle, an eight-by-eight tile design also from the Echo Collection, would be a knockout for bathroom tile, maybe as a tile backsplash against a rustic stone basin. It’s a starry tile design too, featuring a four-point star surrounded by an elaborate strapwork pattern—bringing a touch of the medieval to any space it graces.

 A tile design with a medieval flair, La Rochelle is a starry choice too. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

It’s not just the Echo Collection with the monopoly on starry tile designs. Our Minis Collection of zellige-like small tiles also features the motif. Star Cross features a classic Moroccan-inspired pattern of interlocking stars and crosses. It’s available in neutrals and bold colors and would be stunning as tile backsplash or as shower tiles or wall tiles pretty much anywhere.

 Small scale stars steal the show in Granada Tile’s Star Cross tile design from our Minis Collection. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

You can also find a larger-scale interpretation of a star cross tile design in our Antique Collection, a group of tile designs that suggest the look of Old World tiles but are perfectly suited to modern life. The cement tiles withstand the elements and foot traffic and keep their stunning looks year after year.

 From our Antique Collection, a stunning star cross tile design is a lovely choice for a floor tile installation. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Want to bring some stars home with you? Discover more star tile designs on our Web site. We’ve got a lot and are constantly thinking of new tile designs too. [subscribe2]


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