Installation Equation: Three Bathrooms Show the Versatility of Our Cement Tile Designs


We can’t help but say it again and again—you can do so much with Granada Tile‘s sensational cement tiles. Not only that, simply by playing with colors you can totally transform the look of the tiles and, by extension, whatever space you’re using them in. Today, we’re delighted to be able to show you this in detail. You see, our client Ken Koonce, a designer and builder, has used our Normandy and Cluny tile designs, big favorites of ours and our customers’, in three very different bathroom tile installations, experimenting with color and contrast to create distinctive, unique tile installations. First up, a small bathroom. Our client kept his palette—both of colors and materials—to a minimum. The color on the walls echoes the color of the Normandy cement tile covering the floor. For texture, the stone immediately surrounding the tub, provides just the right amount. There’s nothing bold or overpowering. The space instead is a restful retreat.

Normandy two color bathroom
 For a small bathroom tile installation, our client chose our Normandy tile design in two muted shades. Tile photo, Ken Koonce.

To make a bigger aesthetic statement, you can’t go wrong with some contrast, and that’s just what our client did in another small bathroom tile installation. For this space, he opted for gray walls. On the floor, he installed our Cluny tile design in a bold black-and-white combination. We love the color contrast—and the textural contrast with the white ceramic tiles in an arabesque shape. Together, they yield a rich, layered feel.

Cluny bathroom contrast
 Cluny’s graceful quatrefoils cover the floor in a small bathroom. The contrast between light and dark gives zip to a tiny space. Tile photo, Ken Koonce.

Our last small bathroom tile installation idea goes all out. Instead of choosing just two colors for the tile design, our client went with several, in shades of blue for a completely custom look. The effect, along with the blue ceramic tiles on the walls, creates a jewel-like effect. It also illustrates how a little color and pattern in a small space doesn’t overpower.

Multicolor Cluny
Cluny cement tiles incorporating several colors create a fun, fresh bathroom tile installation. Tile photo, Ken Koonce.

Is your curiosity piqued? Try experimenting with color yourself. And, stay tuned, because we have even more wonderful bathroom tile ideas to share with you tomorrow! Special thanks to designer/builder/photographer: Ken Koonce [subscribe2]


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