Living History: Exploring More of the Cement Tile of France


Several months ago, we took you on a brief tour of some truly fabulous French cement tiles Granada Tile‘s own Melanie and Marcos spotted on a trip to France. Of course, being the devoted tile-philes they are, they took lots and lots of tile photos, so we have some more stunning tile pictures to share. Melanie and Marcos came across a lovely, classic cement tile installation in the northern town of Mont St. Michel. In the tile installation, a complex tile carpet, with a center field featuring a strapwork design, is surrounded by two thin, but equally stunning borders. We love the bold mix of patterns and colors, which has a perfectly French flair—no fear of either!

Mont St. Michel tile entrance
 A carpet of cement tiles welcomes diners to a restaurant in the north of France. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

It’s probably no surprise that strapwork patterns figure so heavily in French cement tile design. After all, the pattern was a popular one in medieval times, and the French pretty much wrote the book on that style (Notre Dame and Chartres, anyone?). It seems to pop up everywhere in Melanie and Marcos’s photos, including one from small bookstore in Paris. Paired with a central compass design, it’s sophisticated and simple, with just the right nod to history.

Strapwork cement tile in Paris.
 A classic strapwork and compass cement tile design covers the floor in a Parisian bookstore. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Our erstwhile travelers spied another great cement tile design through glass—still more proof that they keep their eyes trained on tile no matter the circumstances. The combination of realistic and abstract designs is really what gets us going. The central medallions have a jewel-like feel, and we love the way the blueish maple leaves frame the design as does the fretwork pattern that runs around the perimeters of both.

jewel like tile carpet in France.
 Deep jewel tones make for an eye-catching tile carpet that was spotted through a window in France. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Feeling inspired? We’ve got plenty more cement tile designs inspired by French concrete tiles. And, keep a close eye on this space in the coming months—we’ll have more French-flavored tile design to share. Stay tuned!


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