Living History: On the Hunt for Cement Tile in Morocco


When you think of cement tile, you immediately think of Granada Tile, and when you think of historic tile design, we’re sure that the vivid colors and exciting patterns of Moroccan tile installations springs to mind. Did you know that Morocco has a rich tradition of cement tile too? Today, we’ll take you on a tile photo tour of the country and introduce you to some of the amazing concrete tiles found there. Our intrepid cement tile–spotters spied this one on the floor of a bookstore in Rabat. It’s got the lively, intricate pattern that’s a hallmark of Moroccan tile design, but it’s rendered in concrete.

 A classic Moroccan tile design rendered in cement tiles. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

As luck would have it, we’ve also got a wonderful cement tile design very similar to this. It’s Alhambra, and it’s fantastic. From our Echo Collection, the concrete tile pattern would make a stunning bathroom tile installation or kitchen tile installation.

 Alhambra, inspired by traditional Moroccan tile designs, makes a lovely statement in a tile backsplash. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Another wonderful tile installation we ran across in Morocco popped up on a floor in Marrakech. It departs from the country’s traditional tile designs. Instead it’s reminiscent of fireworks, with the bright pops of red against the earthy green.

 Bright cement tiles found on a floor in Marrakech, Morocco. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

This is really just the tip of the iceberg. Head over to our historic tile installation page for more tile pictures of Moroccan cement tile installations. Be sure to also check out our Minis Collection, which also takes its cues from traditional zelliges.

 Granada Tile’s Minis Collection has a Moroccan flavor. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

They come in a range of vibrant colors and some stunning neutrals and are a great choice for kitchen tiles or bathroom tiles. Happy looking! [subscribe2]


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