Toolbox: Getting to Know Share Designs


One of the most exciting developments on Granada Tile‘s redesigned website are the host of design features—allowing you to explore the tremendous versatility of our collection of cement tile. We’re so excited about all the tools that we’ll be using The Cement Tile Blog (another favorite new addition) to introduce them. First up is the Share Designs section. It’s easy to get lost in the beautiful concrete tile designs in Share Designs—our interactive inspiration board. Architects, designers and other tile lovers have already come up with hundreds of stunning cement tile designs using our Echo Collection’s interactive catalog and have posted them to Share Designs. You can search the section in two ways.

If New Share Designs page on Granada Tile websitethere’s a particular pattern you like and want to see how others have interpreted it, search by pattern. If you’re interested in a particular person’s take on Granada Tile‘s concrete tiles, you can search by name. So if you’re a fan of the work of landscape designer Judy Kameon, of Elysian Landscapes, you can find her ideas on Share Designs. Of course you can also scroll through and let your fancy be your guide. If you see a design you like, simply click on it, and it will be saved to your own design portfolio. You can add your own tile designs to Share Designs, too! It’s easy. Just save the tile designs you created using the Echo Collection’s interactive catalog. Just pick a cement tile style, say, for example, Sofia. Choose a color scheme you like—maybe in Blue, Sky, Dawn, Mist, Sage and Coral (see below)—and save the completed cement tile design in your portfolio. Customizing the colors of the Sofia design in Granada Tile's Echo CollectionOnce you’re in your portfolio, click the lock beneath the concerete tile pattern so it’s in the unlocked position. It will post automatically to the Share Designs page. Clicking on others’ cement tile designs will automatically save them to your portfolio. Maybe your tile design will inspire someone else. 


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