Una atractiva mezcla de culturas saca provecho de este grupo de mosaicos de cemento que se basa en las influencias de los españoles, moros y las culturas indígenas de las Américas por sus patrones de azulejos distintivos. El viejo mundo y el nuevo se combinan en estos diseños. Las curvas intrincadas de estos mosaicos decorativos son un contrapunto fuerte a la sensación fresca y sedosa de mosaicos decorativos de concreto.

Spanish Tile

Traditional Spanish tile is centuries old and skillfully created by trained artisans. When colonists first came to the New World, they built structures that combined the Baroque ornamentation from the Old World with basic shapes and construction to blend the two styles for their new home. This striking combination is known as Spanish Colonial, which continues to be a beloved part of historical and new builds alike. The classic characteristics of Spanish colonial tile includes unique borders and corners, large decorative designs, filigree accents, and both earthy tones and bright colors. Common design elements inspired by the Spanish colonial movement include the clay tile roofs typically seen on homes in sunny states, and the decorative tile often used on floors, trim, porches and balconies, and inside bathrooms.

Traditionally ceramic and glazed, Spanish tiles have passed the test of time, but not without wear and tear. Cement tiles improve and refresh the tile manufacturing process with harder wearing materials and setting techniques, to deliver the classic Spanish look you love, without fading or chipping.

Traditional Spanish Tile Designs

Spanish colonial tile ranges from curving, swirling filigree designs and Moorish patterns to beautiful floral and botanical depictions. You’ll often find these intricate designs complemented with simple border designs. Borders include dots and circles, straight lines, and complementary filigree designs. Historical Spanish tile is ceramic, but the tile products you’ll find at Granada Tile are cement. The difference between the two is found in the manufacturing process. While ceramic tiles are hand painted, glazed and cured in a kiln, cement tiles are made with powdered marble, sand, concrete, and pigment, and compressed under two tons of pressure. They can offer a much longer lifespan with far fewer damages than ceramic tile.

Ideas for Using Spanish Cement Tile

Spanish tile has been a beautiful addition to homes and commercial spaces for many years. Adding texture, color and eye-catching visual interest, Spanish tiles help create warm welcomes and intriguing spaces. They complement both traditional and modern spaces alike. Spanish tile adds to the intricate and eclectic design of classically styled homes and businesses, and adds much needed color and depth to simple, clean-lined modern areas.

Spanish floor tiles look great in entrances, bathrooms, kitchens, and even in mud rooms. They add a burst of color and visual texture, and the fact that they are cement will ensure their durability through daily usage and heavy foot traffic.

Spanish tile backsplash is perfect for adding wow factor to a kitchen, without any large scale or costly renovations. Simply swapping out an outdated and boring backsplash for a Spanish concrete tile design will instantly rejuvenate the space and add perceived value and style. Spanish tile kitchen can also be used on the face of an island or peninsula, on the floor, and on the remaining walls.

Create an eye-catching accent wall in your home or business with Spanish wall tiles. Tile an entire wall as a dramatic feature, or tile a section of a wall or inset area to break up the paint color.

Spanish bathroom tile will hold up to the heat and water in the space without damage. Tile the floor, walls and shower to create an incredible space that’s set apart from the rest of the home.

The Spanish style tile from Granada Tile will instantly update and add a classic look to any area of your home or business. Wherever you want to add a pop of color, texture and pattern, while staying practical with durable products, choose Spanish concrete tile.

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