An alluring mix of cultures wafts from this group of cement tiles which draws on the influences of Spanish, Moorish and the indigenous cultures of the Americas for its distinctive tile patterns.Old world and new find their best marriage in these tile designs.The intricate curves of these decorative tiles are a potent counterpoint to the cool, silky feel of concrete floor tiles.

Spanish Tile

The allure of Spanish tile is still alive and well today, gracing the exteriors and insides of homes all around the world. The classic look and feel of Spanish tile grounds any space in the traditional colors and patterns of a time long past, while Granada Tile’s Spanish tile for sale delivers the new and improved qualities of cement tile that maintain the integrity and beauty of Spanish tile for decades.

What is Spanish Tile?

Traditional Spanish tile is centuries old and skillfully created by trained artisans. When colonists first came to the New World, they built structures that combined the Baroque ornamentation from the Old World with basic shapes and construction to blend the two styles for their new home. This striking combination is known as Spanish Colonial, which continues to be a beloved part of historical and new builds alike. The classic characteristics of Spanish colonial tile includes unique borders and corners, large decorative designs, filigree accents, and both earthy tones and bright colors. Common design elements inspired by the Spanish colonial movement include the clay tile roofs typically seen on homes in sunny states, and the decorative tile often used on floors, trim, porches and balconies, and inside bathrooms.

Traditionally ceramic and glazed, Spanish tiles have passed the test of time, but not without wear and tear. Cement tiles improve and refresh the tile manufacturing process with harder wearing materials and setting techniques, to deliver the classic Spanish look you love, without fading or chipping.

Traditional Spanish Tile Designs

Spanish colonial tile ranges from curving, swirling filigree designs and Moorish patterns to beautiful floral and botanical depictions. You’ll often find these intricate designs complemented with simple border designs. Borders include dots and circles, straight lines, and complementary filigree designs. border designs. Borders include dots and circles, straight lines, and complementary filigree designs. A Spanish tile backsplash adds timeless beauty to a Spanish tile kitchen while tile floors protect against the everyday foot traffic and wear and tear of your family. Spanish tile bathroom spaces are anything but your ordinary powder room.

Historical Spanish tile is ceramic, but the tile products you’ll find at Granada Tile are cement. The difference between the two is found in the manufacturing process.

The Cement Tile Difference

Why does Granada Tile specialize in cement tile? Because it can promise far longer lasting durability, strength and charm than any ceramic tile.

While ceramic tiles are hand painted, glazed and cured in a kiln, cement tiles are made with powdered marble, sand, concrete, and pigment, and compressed under two tons of pressure. The result is a product that cannot easily fade or chip because the design is inlaid into the tile itself and is not painted on the surface.

At the same time of delivering durability and dependability, cement Spanish tiles are also truly one of a kind because they are handmade by artisans using traditional methods. Each tile you receive in your order is one of a kind and displays the intricate differences only a handmade product can deliver.

If you’re looking for a beautiful, traditional product that can stand the wear and tear of today’s world, look no further than the cement Spanish tile for sale from Granada.

Ideas for Using Spanish Cement Tile

Spanish tile has been a beautiful addition to homes and commercial spaces for many years. Adding texture, color and eye-catching visual interest, Spanish tiles help create warm welcomes and intriguing spaces. They complement both traditional and modern spaces alike. Spanish tile adds to the intricate and eclectic design of classically styled homes and businesses, and adds much needed color and depth to simple, clean-lined modern areas. One of the great qualities of Spanish tile is that it works not only in Spanish style homes but also in country, cabin-style, and more contemporary homes as well.

Spanish tile kitchen and Spanish tile bathroom are perfect spots in your home to add this beautiful product. The vibrant yet traditional colors and patterns used in Spanish tile are perfect accents to these spaces, to add some pizzazz and personality without succumbing to passing trends. Add Spanish tile kitchen on the backsplash or floors to add just the right amount of color, and transform a plain bathroom with unique Spanish tile bathroom.

Spanish floor tiles look great in entrances, bathrooms, kitchens, and even in mud rooms. They add a burst of color and visual texture, and the fact that they are cement will ensure their durability through daily usage and heavy foot traffic. Find a place in your home that could use some warmth and added coziness, like a mud or laundry room and add Spanish tile.

Spanish tile backsplash is perfect for adding wow factor to a kitchen, without any large scale or costly renovations. Simply swapping out an outdated and boring backsplash for a Spanish concrete tile design will instantly rejuvenate the space and add perceived value and style. Spanish tile kitchen can also be used on the face of an island or peninsula, on the floor, and on the remaining walls.

Create an eye-catching accent wall in your home or business with Spanish wall tiles. Tile an entire wall as a dramatic feature, or tile a section of a wall or inset area to break up the paint color.

Spanish bathroom tile will hold up to the heat and water in the space without damage. Tile the floor, walls and shower to create an incredible space that’s set apart from the rest of the home. Bathrooms are perfect places to add a tile design you admire but have been wary to try in a living room. Spanish tile bathroom gives the best of both worlds by delivering classic yet eclectic designs and promising wow factor.

Spanish tile isn’t just for the indoors, however. Update and add style to a patio with Spanish tile and say goodbye to plain poured concrete and ordinary wood. Just be sure not to install cement tile in an outdoor space that experiences a freeze and thaw cycle.

The Spanish style tile from Granada Tile will instantly update and add a classic look to any area of your home or business. Wherever you want to add a pop of color, texture and pattern, while staying practical with durable products, choose Spanish concrete tile.

The Cement Spanish Tile from Granada Tile

Purchasing cement Spanish Tile from Granada means that you’ll receive 100% artisan tiles handmade from the highest quality materials available. Our inventory offers Spanish tiles in all the traditional colors and patterns, including earthy browns, tans and golds complemented by green, red, yellow and white. Our tiles can be used to create a Spanish tile kitchen, Spanish tile backsplash, Spanish tile bathroom and much more.

You will love how your beautiful Spanish tile looks in your home and will equally appreciate its reliability. Get design inspiration from our Gallery on

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