Este grupo de mosaicos de cemento, está influenciado por diseños franceses y españoles encontrados en alfombras de pisos en Europa, desde sus grandes palacios hasta las tiendas más pequeñas, impregne su hogar con el esplendor de historia. Estos diseños clásicos forman el telón de un cálido y acogedor hogar.

Mediterranean Tile

Combining both French and Spanish tile influences, you can find the best of what European tile has to offer with the Mediterranean tile from Granada Tile. Take some time to browse through the richness and depth of our tiles that are inspired by palaces, historical homes, and antique store fronts alike across Europe.

Mediterranean Style Tiles

French and Spanish tiles come in a wide range of colors and patterns. From bright and bold colors in blue, red, gold and green, to soft neutral tones and pastels in cream, gray, tan, white, black and sky blue, you’ll find every type of Mediterranean-inspired tile at Granada Tile. Patterns include filigree, intricate floral, stripes, bold geometric shapes, starbursts, and a combination of basic shapes like circles and diamonds. You’ll find both feminine and masculine tile designs, as well as plenty of styles that work well in any space.

Find what you’re looking for with our Mediterranean tiles, whether your home or business is clean and contemporary, sleek and modern, or traditional and eclectic.

Ideas for Using Mediterranean Tiles in Your Space

Mediterranean tile can be as loud and busy or as subtle as you’d like. When selecting a Mediterranean cement tile, consider the place it will be installed and whether you want to use it as a feature, or to complement the other features in the space.

Mediterranean floor tiles look stunning in kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms, and outdoor living spaces. They can add much needed color and texture in an otherwise plain and monotonous space. Choose a subtle pattern and neutral color palette to add an accent, or go for bold tones and intricate patterns when you want to create a feature floor.

Mediterranean tile backsplash is a great way to incorporate the tiles onto the walls in your home. Every beautiful kitchen needs a beautiful backsplash to tie everything together. Use Mediterranean tile as an anchor, or add a pop of color and texture to neutral colored cabinets.

Mediterranean bathroom tiles look exquisite when placed on the bathroom floor, walls, and shower and multiple tile designs can all work together to create a stunning, cohesive space.

Use Mediterranean wall tiles to add elegance in a dining room, a work of art in a living room above the mantel or inside built-in shelving, or as a feature piece.

Ceramic Vs. Mediterranean Cement Tiles

The tiles you see in historical buildings are most often ceramic tiles, but more and more consumers are turning to cement tiles to improve the durability and longevity of their tiles. Unlike ceramic tiles which are hand-painted and fired in a kiln, cement tiles are made with concrete, sand, marble powder and pigment, and are compressed under two thousand pounds of pressure. Because the design is set into the tile itself, you won’t see the same level of fading and chipping common with ceramic tiles.

Mediterranean concrete tiles deliver all of the classic designs you love, with the enhanced durability and strength of cement. There are other appealing features of cement tiles that you simply cannot get with ceramic tiles. Cement tiles are individually made by hand by trained artisans, ensuring beautiful organic variations and no two tiles exactly alike. Cement tiles are also excellent insulators for keeping spaces cool in the summer. You will love the silky smooth finish beneath your feet everyday when you walk on cement tiles throughout your home.

Browse through our collections, get inspired by our catalogs, and contact us with any questions you may have about color palettes and customization.