Get Inspired: What’s Happening on Share Designs in April

It must be spring. Why else would Granada Tile‘s Share Designs page be bursting with a garden’s worth of cement tile designs featuring some of our favorite floral motifs? Our fellow concrete tile-philes have been busy, it seems, creating cement tile installation ideas that capture the spirit of the season—and in palettes ranging from the palest pastels to warm, bright shades that are kissed by the sun.

Few things suggest the spring and summer months more perfectly than daisies, and our ten inch-by-ten inch Castelo cement tile design incorporates stylized versions of the flower into the tile design. A tile lover with the user name DK played around with Castelo and came up with a version in blues and greens punctuated with dots on yellow in the flowers’ centers and elsewhere on the cement tile. We think it would be tremendous for a kitchen tile installation.

Castelo by DK

Stylized daisies add a touch of softness to the strapwork motif of our Castelo tile design, here interpreted by “DK.” Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Pamela Zaragoza got into the swing of spring with a tile design featuring Cambria. The pattern is composed of an X shape with small flowers at the ends of each. Other foliate motifs punctuate the pattern as well. Like Castelo, we love how the floral elements break up and soften the formality and geometry of the design, giving it a light, playful touch—a good choice for backsplash tile, perhaps.

Cambria by Pamela Zaragoza

Pamela Zaragoza chose white for the flowers at the points of the Xs in our Cambria tile design. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

If you want a cement tile design with a bit more of a curve that incorporates floral motifs, we’ve got plenty of those too. This month, one of our favorite ideas comes from Yvonne Hoffman, who came up with a riff on our Segovia tile design. She really highlights the pattern, choosing a bright, sunny hue for the interior ground and framing it with white. The blue flowers at the corner really pop!

Segovia by Yvonne Hoffman

For her cement tile design idea featuring Segovia, Yvonne Hoffman opted for a rainbow of bright shades. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

If you’re looking for cement tile inspiration for an upcoming concrete tile installation, be sure to regularly visit our Echo Collection and Share Designs page. It’s brimming with a bouquet of stunning tile designs perfect for kitchen tiles, bathroom tiles, wall tiles and beyond.

Get to Know: The Mauresque Collection of Cement Tiles

We spend a lot of time talking about pattern around these parts. It’s hard not to when Granada Tile‘s Echo Collection offers dozens upon dozens of cement tile choices perfect for kitchen tiles, bathrooms tiles, wall tiles—pretty much any surface you can imagine. You can personalize your colors and truly make these exceptional concrete tiles your own in your next tile installation.

What we don’t talk a lot about it shape, so today that’s what we’ve got planned for you. We’re going to introduce you to the shapely (and colorful) concrete tiles of our Mauresque Collection. Now these roughly six-by-six inch cement tiles boast all the environmentally friendly bona fides of our Echo Collection (they’re air-dried rather than kiln fired for starters) and have the same strength and durability as our other cement tile designs too.


Granada Tile’s Mauresque Collection of cement tile lets clients play with shape as well as color in their tile installations. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

The collection takes its inspiration from two sources. We looked to Moroccan tile for the tile designs’ rich hues. French tiles suggested the warm patina and feel for the cement tiles. One pattern takes its name—Escama—from the Spanish word for scales and features a design of overlapping semi-circles. It’s available in four colors. The second pattern in the collection, Arabesque, is our take on a classic design of the Middle East and comes in three shades.

As with our other tile collections, these cement tiles offer all sorts of options for tile installations. In the cream, yellow and green tones, they’d be a perfect choice for tile backsplashes or bathroom wall tiles or kitchen wall tiles. In the rich brown hue we’ve dubbed oak, they would look smashing as floor tiles both inside and out.

If we’ve piqued your curiosity, we carry two of the tile designs from the collection in-stock (Arabesque in linen and Escama in straw). For others, it takes eight to 12 weeks for an order.

So if you’re looking for something shapely, be sure to give us a shout!

Breaking News: New Cement Tile Installations in Hollywood

Now that we’re in the thick of spring, we’re almost positive that one or two of you out there have thought about doing a new cement tile installation. To get inspired, you can always check out Granada Tile‘s tile catalogues (our interactive Echo Collection catalogue gives you a great place to start, if you’re looking to play with color and pattern), and, of course, there’s Share Designs and its pages and pages of creative takes on our concrete tile designs. If you’re still hungering for inspiration, we’ve got something else for you today. One of our clients has shared tile photos featuring cement tiles from our Echo Collection.


A cement tile carpet composed of our Athens tile design defines a balcony in a house in Hollywood. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

It’s actually two installations—both for outdoor spaces—in a house in Hollywood, California. The house itself is a classic Spanish Revival–style place, where our cement tiles fit in perfectly. For one of the tile installations, our client chose a tile carpet of our Athens concrete tile design. The cement tiles cover a narrow balcony and look divine against the white-and-black of the house and windows.


The dreamy bathroom features a terrace with another cement tile installation—our Normandy tile design adds to the dreamy luxuriousness of the space. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

The second cement tile installation covers a balcony just off a bathroom and features our Normandy tile design. We love how it complements the bathroom tile installation itself yet announces the outdoor space as separate and equally special. It’s a totally dreamy effect—like a retreat among the trees.

Are you inspired? Tell us about your own ideas for a cement tile installation. We can’t wait to hear and see what you’re up to. And, when your project is complete, be sure to send us some tile pictures.


Get the Look: Inspired by the Sensational Cement Tile of Morocco

Last week we shared some mouth-watering cement tile spotted on one of Melanie and Marcos’s trips to Morocco. (As you might recall, we have so many great tile pictures, we just couldn’t resist showing you a few more.) This week, as we often do, we wanted to give you some pointers on how to get the look of some of those concrete tiles using Granada Tile‘s own cement tile designs. Not surprisingly, it’s a cinch, given that so many of our concrete tile designs have a decidedly Moroccan flair.

One of our favorite tile installations happens to be a creative use of border tile found on a shop floor on Rabat. Rather than having the border serve as the accent, it serves as a subtle focal point of the tile installation. Getting the look from Granada Tile means choosing a solid tile such as a one in an earthy terracotta from our Echo Collection and pairing it with our Saragosa corner and border tiles.

Echo Border

Pairing a solid tile from Granada Tile’s Echo Collection with the range’s corner and border tile offerings creates a look similar to one spotten in Morocco. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Another favorite tile photo from the visit has to be the simple concrete floor tile installation featuring simple geometric forms in blue and white. The tile carpet created is elegant and can be effortlessly recreated using our Torino tile design in just two hues.


To capture the look of a cement tile floor in Morocco, try using Granada Tile’s Torino tile design—a classic tile pattern. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

For more Moroccan inspiration visit our Echo Collection catalogue of cement tile and be sure to visit our historic tile installation pages, where you can find all sorts of ideas. Who knows, your next backsplash tile project or bathroom tile installation might just have a little bit of Morocco in it.

Breaking News: Custom Normandy for a Chic Chicago Kitchen

Longtime readers of Granada Tile‘s Cement Tile Blog will know that we take great pride in the custom options we offer our customers. Take one look at our Share Designs page, and you’ll see all sorts of cement tile-philes experimenting with palettes to create unique, highly personal concrete tile designs. You can imagine how pleased we were to receive tile photos from one of our clients—sharing a kitchen tile installation in Chicago featuring our Normandy tile design in a custom palette.

If you love Normandy, from our Echo Collection, you can generally order it as part of our in-stock cement tile program. Available in gray and white, it’s a great tile design that takes a traditional pattern and pares it down to create something at once classic and modern. It’s exactly these qualities that make it fit so well into the Chicago kitchen—with its blend of classic and contemporary elements, the space requires a tile design that bridges the gap.


Our client chose a custom color combination for the Normandy cement tile installation. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

The room’s palette is fresh and contemporary—bright white for the cabinets and a warm gray shade for the walls, along with blonde wood for the floors. A pair of simple pendant light fixtures don’t overpower the space. The stone countertops are sleek and neutral, and the stainless steel appliances gleam, and the cabinets themselves have a classic feel. Into this space, the cement tile brings a warm, fun infusion of color and pattern. A bright blue defines much of the concrete tile design with splashes of yellow and black adding another layer of visual zip. It’s just complex enough to bring energy to the kitchen but not so busy that it becomes a distraction—striking just the right balance.

Interested in doing a cement tile installation in a custom color combination. Start by visiting our interactive Echo Collection catalogue. Find the tile design that strikes your fancy and begin experimenting with different shades and hues. Also, dont’ forget to visit our Share Designs site, where you can get inspiration and see what other custom ideas our clients have conjured up!


Living History: More Sensational Cement Tile from Morocco

If you love tile in all its shapes, sizes, colors and media, there are few better places to soak it all up and get inspired than in Morocco. The country has such a rich tradition of tile that it’s impossible to spend any time there without being delighted by its stunning variety. Besides the traditional glazed-and-fired ceramic tiles for which it’s rightfully famous, Morocco has a wonderful tradition of cement tiles too. A while back we shared some tile photos of concrete tiles found around the country. At Granada Tile, we have so so many tile pictures, though, that we thought it might be nice to share a couple more tile pictures with you to get inspired.

We thought this cement tile pathway was totally dreamy. Spotted in Marrakech, it’s a simple tile installation, but its classic decorative motifs make it a knockout and show how fantastic borders can be—really upping the visual ante wherever they’re installed. You can also see just how effective sticking with a simple palette in just several shades of a single color can be.

blue tile

Simple geometric patterns make for a stunning tile installation in Marrakech. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

We seem to be a little obsessed with borders these days. Maybe it was Tuesday’s post featuring all of Granada Tile‘s great cement tile border and corner options, but we can’t seem to get enough of them. If you’re looking for a creative, out-of-the-box way to do a concrete tile border, look no further than this tile picture of a concrete tile floor in a Rabat bookstore. Instead of framing a cement tile installation, the border tiles become the focal point themselves as they snake along the floor against a solid field. The tile design provides just a hint of color and a dollop of visual interest—perfect when you’re interested in making a low-key statement.

Morocco border floor

A subtle tile installation featuring border tiles flows across a Rabat store floor. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Check back soon for some ideas on how you can bring the look of Morocco into your next cement tile installation using tile designs from our Echo Collection as well as some of our other sensational cement tile lines. Given that it’s a tile hotspot, you won’t be surprised to find many of Granada Tile‘s cement tile designs take their cues from the country.


Get to Know: A Bit about Borders

Generous, unbroken expanses of square cement tiles are lovely for kitchen tile backsplashes or bathroom wall tile installations. They’re also stunning for floor tile installations—the ideal way to add visual zip to a space. But what if we told you Granada Tile offers something to add just a little bit more zing to your next tile installation? Something to make it pop and stand out even more? What if we told you about our cement tile corners and borders and showed you a few tile photos to get you inspired?

We offer the cement tiles in a range of sizes—from small (4 inches by 4 inches for the corners and 4 inches by eight inches for the borders) to medium (8 inches by 8 inches) to large (10 inches by 10 inches) to fit any type of cement tile installation you might be thinking of. What’s more, we offer a range of stunning border and corner tile designs to complement just about any of our decorative tile designs.

Looking for something with an Art Déco feel? Look no further than our aptly named Art Déco border. It gives a stunning 1920s feel to any tile design. Try it next to a solid ground for an eye-catching tile installation.

Art Deco border

Classic tulip-like elements give our Art Deco border and corner tiles a chic 1920s flair. Try using them to frame a solid cement tile carpet. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

If a traditional Greek key border floats your boat, we’ve got a great one. Corinth comes in 8 inch by 8 inch tiles and is a great interpretation of the timeless pattern. Pair it with one of our bold floral tile designs to create a breathtaking tile carpet that would be stunning just about everywhere.

Corinth and Copenhagen

Pairing Corinth with our bold Copenhagen tile design makes for a visually complex tile installation. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

For a slightly softer border, another great option would be our Saragosa corner and border tiles. They’re a bit sinuous but still possess a great classical flair. Paired with another of our more floral cement tile designs, the pattern has great design possibilities.

Saragosa and Catarina

Catarina, a foral cement tile design, gets a neo-classical border in the form of our Saragosa tile design. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

If you’re planning a new tile installation project in the future, be sure to consider adding one of our border tile designs. Use our layout tool and play around with combinations and colors. It’s the perfect way to kick your project up a notch.


Checking In: In Print and Cement Tile Specials

By any measure, the last few months here at Granada Tile have been busy. We launched our Echo Collection‘s new Stripes Group for starters, and it has been incredibly gratifying to see how well people have responded to this new addition to our flagship line of cement tiles.

It was also an incredibly thrill to see several concrete tile photos featured in the pages of Architectural Digest. It has been exciting, too, to see some of our classic tile designs covered in print.

GT in AD

Granada Tile’s Stripes Group debuted in the April Architectural Digest.

In last month’s Angeleno magazine, we got a wonderful shout-out that included lovely tile photos of the cement tile installation at Delphine, the Mark Zeff–designed restaurant at the Hollywood W Hotel—the eatery features our Cannes and Monaco tile designs in a stunning mash-up.

More recently, we’re delighted to say out that our Rabat tile design, another great, classic concrete tile design with a treillage pattern has a spot in the new Dwell renovation issue, which will be available on newsstands throughout the spring.

If you got your hands on a copy already and are inspired by how wonderful a tile design Rabat is, we should let you know that we currently have a special on the tile design.


For a limited time, Granada Tile has a small quantity of our Rabat tile design available. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

If you’re just looking for a small quantity for a quick project, we have 14 cement tiles in the blue, black and white palette available (1.77 square feet) at 25% off their regular price. If you’re looking for a good deal, but need slightly more cement tiles, we also have a special on our Nara tile design. We’re offering 31 of those (13 square feet) in the black, silver and white at 25% as well.

Check our Web site often for more special deals, and keep checking back here throughout the spring for more news on the Stripes Group, along with cement tile installation ideas and inspiring concrete tile photos. Happy tiling!



Breaking News: Introducing Granada Tile’s New Stripes Group

It you’re a regular reader of Granada Tile‘s Cement Tile Blog, you might have gotten a few hints here and there that 2013 was going to bring some big concrete tile announcements. Of course, if you’ve read Architectural Digest‘s April issue or checked out our Facebook page or Twitter feed in the last month, or poked around on our Web site, you might have a pretty good idea what we were talking about. So, without further ado, it’s time to reveal what we’ve been so excited to share. Drum roll, please. We’ve introduced some newcomers to our Echo Collection of cement tile designs—Stripes.

The name sounds simple, but the concrete tile designs are anything but. It’s a stunning, versatile group of striped tile designs with names and styles inspired by some of America’s greatest cities.

Our new Boston tile design has a symmetrical, rhythmic pattern and a nautical feel that befits its New England namesake. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

AD debuted four of the cement tile designs: Boston, Nashville, Philadelphia and Seattle. While they all feature stripes, each has a unique, dynamic personality of its own in the same way that their namesake cities have their own unique, dynamic personalities and energies.


On our Nashville tile design, series of three thin stripes against a solid ground are reminiscent of guitar frets. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

As with all Echo Collection cement tiles, our new Stripes group is durable and versatile. They’re meant for both indoor and outdoor use, in kitchen tile installations, bathroom tile installations, wall tile installations and beyond.


Philadelphia’s stately alternation of stripes reflects the history of the City of Brotherly Love. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Try experimenting with cement tile layout ideas and color combinations using our interactive catalogue and our layout design tools. The cement tiles’ simple geometry can be a springboard from creative exploration.


Representing the West Coast in the new group, Seattle’s blues and greens suggest the earth and the water around the city. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

In the coming months, stay tuned for more information about the Stripes Group. Check back here often.