Get the Look: Inspired by the Sensational Cement Tile of Morocco


Last week we shared some mouth-watering cement tile spotted on one of Melanie and Marcos’s trips to Morocco. (As you might recall, we have so many great tile pictures, we just couldn’t resist showing you a few more.) This week, as we often do, we wanted to give you some pointers on how to get the look of some of those concrete tiles using Granada Tile‘s own cement tile designs. Not surprisingly, it’s a cinch, given that so many of our concrete tile designs have a decidedly Moroccan flair. One of our favorite tile installations happens to be a creative use of border tile found on a shop floor on Rabat. Rather than having the border serve as the accent, it serves as a subtle focal point of the tile installation. Getting the look from Granada Tile means choosing a solid tile such as a one in an earthy terracotta from our Echo Collection and pairing it with our Saragosa corner and border tiles.

Another favorite tile photo from the visit has to be the simple concrete floor tile installation featuring simple geometric forms in blue and white. The tile carpet created is elegant and can be effortlessly recreated using our Torino tile design in just two hues.

For more Moroccan inspiration visit our Echo Collection catalogue of cement tile and be sure to visit our historic tile installation pages, where you can find all sorts of ideas. Who knows, your next backsplash tile project or bathroom tile installation might just have a little bit of Morocco in it.



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