Cement Tile VS Ceramic Tiles: Why Your Project Deserves Handmade Encaustic Tiles

Hand made tiles


Handmade encaustic tiles are becoming more and more popular in interior design projects, but many people are still wondering if they’re worth the extra money. In this article, we’ll go over why these handmade tiles stand out from their machine-made counterparts and how you can use them to make your home truly unique.


While both types of tiles are beautiful, handmade encaustic tiles are more unique. Your handmade tile will be as unique as you are and have a story to tell about your home and its past inhabitants.

One of the main benefits of handmade tiles is that they’re incredibly durable. They can withstand heavy traffic, so you don’t have to worry about them breaking if someone walks on them in your hallway or kitchen. You’ll also be able to use these tiles in any room without worrying about them cracking under foot or fading over time—they’ll maintain their appearance for years!

Handmade encaustic tiles also provide more design options than other styles. There are hundreds of patterns available at Granada Tile, which means there’s something for everyone here! We can even design something to match your preferences with our selections based on color scheme alone (or even just one particular shade). Finally, if there’s no existing pattern that fits perfectly into your space then feel free –and encouraged–to contact us directly asking if there isn’t some new way we could work together creatively.

handmade encaustic tiles

Customization Options

With ceramic tiles, you’re limited to a small selection of colors and glaze patterns. Cement tiles allow you to create your own custom design that will fit perfectly into any space or design style!

Are you tired of the same old brick designs? Try our cement tile collection with some new twists on classic looks! We also carry a wide variety of modern styles. Choose from geometric shapes or funky animals like zebras and elephants! The options are endless with handmade cement tiles made by hand in our facility.

Installation (including DIY options)

Installation is not necessary, even for DIYers. You can use cement tiles to create your own custom mosaic and install them yourself. But we recommend a professional installation.

When choosing an installer for your project it’s important that they have experience installing cement tiles. This ensures that they’ll be able to handle all the different materials involved in your project without any problems.

Lifetime Value

Handmade tiles are unique and irreplaceable. They have a long-life expectancy, but they’re also more valuable than mass-produced tiles.

Handmade tiles

The reason for this is simple: handmade tiles can be sold to discerning customers who know that they are buying a durable investment that will last for generations. When it comes to the resale value of your property, you want to make sure that the new owner will be able to live with your selection of furnishings and décor choices. Handmade tiles are like fine wine; they improve in value over time!

After all, there is something about the beauty and character of handmade, artisan tiles that simply cannot be reproduced by machine. Even if they were made with identical materials and techniques as those used in their manufactured counterparts, the end product will still be different because it was created by an individual artist who has an eye for detail and knows how to create something beautiful from a seemingly simple object.


When it comes to tile and surfacing, there is no question that handmade tiles are more expensive than their machine-made counterparts. But, for many homeowners and professionals alike, the value of handmade tiles outweighs any financial concern. This is especially true when considering the lifetime value of your project. Handmade tiles are not only beautiful but also uniquely suited to your home or business because they offer so much customization in materials and color options that no other material can match. So if you’re looking for something special—something with character—handmade cement tiles may be just what you need!


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