Granada Tiles Are Environmentally Friendly


Good looking.  Long lasting.  Easy care.   Environmentally friendly.  Sometimes it feels as if the qualities we look for in a tile are the same ones we look for in a partner!

The lush and vibrant Nicaraguan landscape not only provides constant inspiration for Granada Tile’s beautiful designs, it’s also an incentive for the company to produce tiles in a way that do not damage the environment.  In fact, founder and president Marcos Cajina has developed three main themes to guide the company’s future: produce environmentally-friendly products (for example, we recycle water from the production process; dry and cure the tiles in the sun; and recycle our molds); refrain from contributing to landfills (loose cement and concrete is swept up and reused; old tiles that do not pass our quality control are broken up and reused; tiles are packed and shipped in recycled cardboard boxes); and, refrain from using toxins (pigments come from naturally occurring iron oxides, no lead)


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