What’s the Difference Between Hand Painted and Hand Poured Cement Tiles?

Cement Tiles

Cement tiles have taken the world of interior and exterior design by storm for their unique beauty, practicality, and durability. When it comes to choosing the perfect cement tile for your space, you will come across two types: hand painted, and hand poured cement tiles. While both options have their unique features, hand poured cement tiles offer many benefits that set them apart from hand painted ones.

Hand poured cement tiles are crafted by pouring a mixture of cement, sand, and pigment into a mold, compressing the mixture, and letting it cure. This process results in a textured and slightly uneven surface, producing thicker and more durable tiles than hand painted ones. Thus, hand poured cement tiles are a great option for high-traffic areas and outdoor spaces that require sturdier tiles.

Hand painted cement tiles are made by applying a layer of pigment to the surface of the tile using a stencil or by hand. This results in a flatter surface with a smoother finish compared to hand poured cement tiles. While hand painted tiles are still durable and can be used in high-traffic areas, they are not as thick or sturdy as hand poured tiles, making them more suitable for indoor use.

Apart from their durability, hand poured cement tiles offer a rustic, natural look. Since each tile has slight variations in color and texture, they have a unique, handcrafted look that is not found in hand painted tiles. This makes hand poured cement tiles perfect for adding character and depth to any room or outdoor space.

Moreover, hand poured cement tiles offer a high level of customization. They come in a wide range of colors and patterns, enabling you to create a personalized design that fits your style and preferences. You can use them to create intricate designs that add dimension and interest to walls, floors, and backsplashes.

One of the advantages of hand painted cement tiles is their versatility in design. The smooth surface of hand painted tiles also allows for more intricate designs and patterns, making them a popular choice for decorative elements such as borders or accent pieces.

However, one drawback of hand painted cement tiles is that they may require a bit more maintenance compared to hand poured tiles. The painted surface may require occasional touch-ups or resealing to maintain its appearance and protect it from stains and moisture.

Lastly, hand poured cement tiles are highly durable, resistant to moisture, heat, and stains. They are easy to clean and maintain, ensuring that they look great for years to come. This makes them perfect for use in kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoor spaces.

Both options have their own unique advantages and can be used in a variety of settings to create beautiful and functional spaces. When choosing between hand painted and hand poured cement tiles, consider your specific needs, style preferences, and maintenance requirements to make the best choice for your project.

Hand poured cement tiles are a stylish, practical, and versatile option for flooring and wall covering. At Granada Tile, we offer a wide range of hand poured cement tiles in different colors and patterns, enabling you to create a space that truly stands out. Don’t settle for ordinary tiles; choose our hand poured cement tiles for an exceptional design experience. Call us today 213-205-4731 to learn more!


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