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JHelgerson Badajoz912B Kitchen Floor Granada Cement Tile
2023 is around the corner. The new year comes with fresh new dreams for tile designs. Want to take your home design game a notch higher? Here is a list of gorgeous tile design ideas available in 2023. The Kitchen
Restaurants exist to provide a unique and time-honored experience of breaking bread that brings people together. That's why they're a favorite place to get together with family and friends. Whether it's meetings, celebrations, or just an excuse to reconnect, restaurants are special places.
Dominating Pinterest
We enjoy seeing stylish and trendy designs, especially ones that involve artisan hand-poured cement tiles. Which is why we love seeing cement tiles blow away the Pinterest Predicts. From #CurveAppeal to #EmotionalEscapesRooms, Granada Tiles are seen across the board. Check out some pin-worthy inspirations to motivate your...
Cement Tiles
Cement tiles are a bit like celebrities – they are beautiful, and each has its unique personality and attraction. This inspired us to fit some of our favorite tiles with their matching star. After reading this blog, you'll never look at cement tiles the same way again....
Fantastic Tile Walls
Cement tile on walls is a transformative way to complete a room. These tiles stand up to heavy wear inside or outside. The options are endless—the style? Unique! Discover ways to spice up any space with gorgeous cement tile walls. Fantastic Tile Walls
Encaustic Tiles Ideal for Kitchens
If you're remodeling your kitchen, encaustic cement tiles are an excellent choice for any design scheme or style. Discover why and how in this inspirational guide featuring our hand-crafted, eco-friendly concrete tiles.  Why Encaustic Tiles Are Ideal for Kitchens Encaustic tile...
Tile featured Castilla
One of the most exciting things about Granada Tile is the vast array of styles, shapes, and colors you can use to create your own stunning look. Our Olvera Collection is perfect for those searching for beautiful terracotta or Saltillo clay tile. It's hard to beat this...
Tiles featured: Khufu 931 A, Luxor 30 A, Yuma 95
Granada Tile has become a leading name in encaustic cement tiles worldwide. Our tiles are the design item of choice for famous interior designers, home builders, and architects. They’re renowned for their ability to withstand heavy use and create a superb surface for primary flooring, bathrooms, kitchen...
NEW Olvera Collection used outdoor
Every year, more people discover the benefits of encaustic hand-poured cement tiles for their longevity, ease of maintenance, and visual appeal. Now, the new Olvera Collection has arrived on the scene and is making a splash among professional designers and homeowners. Check out 5 surprising facts about the...

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