Get Inspired: What’s Happening on Share Designs in July

It may be summer—time for vacations, barbecues, the beach and general relaxing, but, if the activity on Granada Tile‘s Share Designs page this month is any indication, people are still thinking about cement tile (they’re people after our own hearts, incidentally). Maybe they’re planning a new concrete floor tile installation. Maybe it’s cement tiles for small bathroom. Whatever the project, there are plenty of fun new ideas to be found there, using concrete tiles from our Echo Collection.

The sunny, summery hues Tanya Weintrobe chose for her take on our Monaco cement tile design immediately caught our attention. With its combination of primary colors, the tile installation really pops and would add an incredible dash of life and vitality into any space. A big, bold pattern such as this one would be great for floor tiles—maybe in a small bathroom, where, even on the darkest of winter days, it will lift your sprits.

Tanya Weintrobe Monaco

Tanya Weintrobe’s palette for our Monaco tile design seems to capture the summer sky. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Designer Karen Vidal has turned to Granada Tile time and again for cement tiles for her company’s stunning projects. We love seeing what she has been experimenting with on Share Designs, and this month was no different. Her interpretation of our Rabat concrete tile design is a delight. She, too, opted for sunny, sun-kissed shades. It would make a lovely addition to a kitchen or a bathroom—just about any place a dose of color and pattern are needed.

Karen Vidal Rabat

What’s more summery than a treillage design? Almost nothing. We love Karen Vidal’s riff on our design. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Finally, Nuno Campos’s Borga interpretation drew us in from the get-go. Using a range of green and cream shades, he created a tile design that’s understated but still has a strong presence. It’s a great reminder that you don’t have to go for big contrasts and many bold shades to create a unique and original tile design for your next project.

Nuno Campos Borga

Small pinwheels of dark green and cream add flair to our Borga tile design It’s also a great tile to play around with on our layout tool. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

No matter what you might have in mind, a trip to Share Designs will inspire you. Be sure to create your own user profile so you can share your own cement tile designs with others. Of course, check back here next month, when we’ll bring you more great ideas.


Granada Goes Forth: Looking for Floor Tile Inspiration in Colombia

Last year, Granada Tile‘s own Marcos and Melanie took a trip to Cartagena, Colombia. Why Colombia? Well, in the last few years, the country has become a popular travel destination with its mix of history, art, culture and natural beauty—not to mention it’s fair share of wonderful cement tile installations. They came home with tons of photos, some of which we’ve already shared. There were so many, though, we had to pick and choose. Today, we’ve got some more concrete tile photos from Colombia that are guaranteed to get you thinking about your own cement tile installation.

One of our favorite snaps they took featured an outstanding floor tile installation in a combination of blue and white. Now, we’re suckers for this pairing—it evokes the wonderful Delftware of the 16th century and beyond. Lining the floor of a hall, it strikes a great note of formality with its pattern of diamonds surrounded by a foliate border.

Cartagena hallway

Down a Cartagena, Colombia, hallway, a cement tile installation evokes classic European ceramic designs with its fresh combination of blue and white. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

In Colombia, it seems as if Marcos and Melanie found cement tile everywhere they turned, including in a small Cartagena cafe. The concrete tile they discovered has a bold pattern, but, since it has just a two-color palette, its boldness is tempered. We often show our cement tiles with multiple colors, but experimenting with just two shades can create some really great floor tile looks.

pink and white tile

A simple combination of pink and white cement tiles in a Cartagena cafe offers a delicate look. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

The moral of this story? No matter where you are, it pays to be on the look out for cement tile. You never know what you’ll find. You just might come across the inspiration for your next floor tile installation. Keep checking back here; in the coming weeks, we’ll share how to get some of these looks from Cartagena in your own tile installation.


Nuts & Bolts: Creating a Stellar Cement Tile Carpet

To paraphrase the immortal words of The Dude, “a rug can really tie a room together.” But what if you want a carpet that can stand up to heavy traffic and wear and tear, not to mention looks good year in and year out? Have you thought about a cement tile carpet? Granada Tile‘s cement tile designs can be effortlessly incorporated into tile installations to create dynamic, beautiful tile carpets inside and outside. You can go modern or traditional—our Echo Collection of concrete tiles has a little something for everyone. Today, we’ll give you some tips on how to design one your next floor tile project using our layout tool.

For starters, you can go really big and bold, designing a tile carpet with a great traditional feel. For example, we used our eight-by-eight-inch Toscano tile design for the main section. A perimeter of our eight-by-eight-inch border tile in Saragosa surrounds. Beyond is another border of solid yellow four-by-eight-inch cement tiles. The finished product almost seems like a carpet you’d see unfurled in a French royal palace centuries ago.

traditional tile carpet

Choosing three different tile patterns, you can create a remarkable tile carpet that would form the centerpiece of any space. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

If a contemporary look is more your speed, we’ve got tons of great ideas for those too. In particular, if you use our new Stripes range, you can create a tile carpet for your floor that echoes bold flat-weave carpets. For this one, we used our eight-by-eight-inch Miami tile design, with its thick lines and surrounded it with a band of solid four-by-eight border tiles. It has a great feel and a beachy vibe—perfect for when you want to lighten up a space.

Stripes carpet

For a modern twist on the tile carpet, go bold and use tile designs from our new Stripes range. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Inspired? Want more great floor tile ideas? Head over to our installation pages and check out what our clients have created. Or experiment on your own using our layout tools and interactive catalogue. You never know what you might design!


Installation Equation: Great Cement Tile Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Do you have a small bathroom or powder room in need of a little freshening up? Or are you designing one from scratch? These petite spaces don’t have to be afterthoughts—they can be jewel boxes that pack a visual punch. If you’re looking for some ideas to make your own small bathroom shine, Granada Tile has some great ideas for you. You see, using cement tile in your next bathroom tile installation project is a great way to add color and pattern in a small space.

One great idea to lend flair and fun to a small space would be to adapt designer Hope Alexander‘s solution for a bathroom project. For it, she chose our Alhambra tile design from our flagship Echo Collection of concrete tiles. She used the cement tiles as floor tiles, wall tiles and shower tiles. The choice creates a unified feel for the pint-sized room. There aren’t a multiple colors adding up to visual confusion. With a minimal palette of materials and color, the space feels crisp and sleek.

Alhambra small bathroom

Hope Alexander covered a small bathroom in our Alhambra, creating a unified look for the small space. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

For another small bathroom project, our client went a different, yet still successful directions with our concrete tile. Carol Wortmann opted to cover the floor in our Alcalá tile design, a large-scale 10-by-10-inch pattern. Against the dark blue walls, the tile design adds a range of colors and a burst of pattern to the small room, making things seem more spacious.

Alcala tile floor

Our Alcalá tile design covers the floor in a small bathroom designed by Carol Wortmann. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

No matter the size of your project, Granada Tile has the perfect cement tile for you. Be sure to check out our Echo Collection for fantastic color and pattern options. You can also explore our other collections—they’re also great places to find terrific tile ideas.

Nuts and Bolts: Everything You Wanted to Know about Granada Tile’s Color and Designs but Were Afraid to Ask

Perusing Granada Tile‘s Echo Collection of sensational concrete tiles, have you ever wondered about some of the finer points of their manufacturing? Have you wanted to find out the nitty gritty of getting custom cement tiles made? Today’s your lucky day. We’ve got plenty of great information to make you a concrete tile expert—and help you decide on the right tiles for your next kitchen tile, bathroom tile or floor tile project.

To begin with, our rich, vibrant colors come not from hand-painting but from hand-pouring. In practical terms in means the color layer is thicker and will last far longer than a hand-painted tile.

Our colors also don’t run. One caveat: During the installation process, when the tiles are being polished prior to sealing, the rinse water can carry a trace amount of pigment from the very top of the cement tile. However, once they’re dried and dealer, the tiles won’t release more pigment.

Mercato di Verto

Markzeff-designed tile made by Granada Tile covers the floors at Mercato di Vetro in West Hollywood. Granada Tile offers our clients the option of creating custom designs, colors and shapes.

This leads, naturally enough, to our designs themselves. The color layer is 1/8″ thick and will not wear off. We’ve seen many antique tile installations dating back 100 years or more on our travels, and they look almost as good as new.

As far as creating your own custom cement tile, the standard price includes up to five colors. There’s an additional cost if you choose more. We can also match colors should you have a need. Often a client will provide and sample and our expert staff will experiment with formulas to find the closet match. Because the process is quote labor intensive, it will take somewhat longer than our usual process and the might be more costs associated with it.

Bedhead custom

Hope Alexander worked with us to create cement floor tiles with subtle designs in a range of green shades for the Bedhead Pajamas shop in New York. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Our Echo Collection is brimming with designs—everything from floral to geometric, classic to contemporary and everything in between. Of course, if you want to design your own, we offer that option too. It means we’ll have to make a custom mold, aka a divisional,and that will take time and may have an additional cost. We also give clients the opportunity to create and custom size and shape cement tile design, but again, additional costs apply based on the size and complexity of the given tile design.

Intrigued? See if something floats your boat using our interactive Echo Collection catalogue. If your dream floor tile design isn’t there, give us a shout, and we’ll be happy to help you create the perfect cement tile for your next tile installation project.


Installation Equation: Cement Tiles Make a Big Impact in Small Kitchens

Let’s face it, a lot of us spend a lot of time in the kitchen—cooking, eating, entertaining. Cement tiles from Granada Tile can add a bunch of spice to the space, taking a central gathering place and making it even more special. Over the years, our clients have sent us some great tile photos of their kitchen tile installations, so we’ve amassed a pretty impressive collection of ideas. In particular, several of our clients have used our cement tiles in a small kitchens to create delightful spaces for dining and entertaining.

For a small Los Angeles kitchen, our clients chose solid color tiles from our Echo Collection to create a bright backdrop for their vintage stove. The medallion of tile in the middle adds more visual flair and is a great idea if you don’t have large wall spaces to tile but still want some dynamism in your kitchen. It’s also a great way to incorporate Granada Tile’s solid color tiles.

Central medallion

Here’s a thought: Create a focal point in your kitchen using tile. In this kitchen tile installation, a decorative tile medallion is surrounded by Granada Tile’s cement tiles in mustard and pine. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

We love the work Karen and Guy Vidal, the minds behind Design Vidal, do, and one of our favorite projects of theirs is a small kitchen that incorporates our Nara tile design in the decor. It works perfectly in the retro space, where the formica countertops and stainless steel sink lend period elegance to the room. A pair of open shelves above offer additional storage. For a galley-type kitchen, keeping it simple, with just a few touches, is the way to go.

Nara kitchen

Our Nara tile design plays up the retro flair in a mid-century kitchen. The designers, Karen and Guy Vidal, embraced the midcentury feeling of the space. Tile photo courtesy Guy Vidal.

If you’re in Manhattan, chances are your kitchen isn’t going to be big. That’s the case in a darling kitchen designed by one of our clients. A compact central island multiplies the counter space and storage and provides a bit of eat-in seating. Our Fez tile design in a neutral palette provides just a subtle punch of pattern so that the compact space isn’t overpowered.


For a Manhattan kitchen, our client opted for our Fez tile design in a neutral palette. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

For more great small kitchen design ideas, visit our Web site, where, big or small, there are plenty of great kitchens to get you thinking about tile installations and how cement tiles can enliven any size space.


Nuts and Bolts: Caring for Your Cement Tile

You’ve done it. You’ve finished your cement floor tile installation. You did your research—poring over Granada Tile‘s cement tile catalogs looking for just the right tile design for your project. Maybe you visited Share Designs for a little extra inspiration. It’s possible you even experimented with our layout tool as you played with different tile installation possibilities. Then, after all of that, you took the big step and ordered your cement tile and had it installed. Now you’ve got a beautiful cement floor tile installation—in your kitchen or your bathroom or even on your patio. So what’s next? For starters, how about a little primer on how to keep your cement tiles looking great for years to come?

First off, whether you’re doing the installation yourself or hiring a professional installer, you’ll want to seal your cement tiles, since concrete is a porous material and will absorb stains and dirt if it’s not. As far as sealers go, you have two options: penetrating and topical. Penetrating sealers, as their name suggests, are absorbed into the cement and make it much harder for stains to stick to the material.

tile cleaners

Follow just a few easy steps to keep your cement floor tile looking sensational. No need for fancy tile cleaners, just follow our instructions to keep you concrete tiles looking as good as new. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

On the other hand, topical sealers sit on the surface of the tile and block stains. With topical sealers, you can choose between shiny and matte finishes, depending on the look you’re going for. Bear in mind, though, that shiny sealers will last longer. Also, consider that that topical sealers aren’t recommended for outside use—the sun tends to degrade them, requiring more frequent applications. The surface will also be more slippery (an important consideration if you’re thinking of using the cement tiles in a floor tile installation).

Once you’ve sealed your concrete tiles, you’ll be amazed at how they hold up. To clean your tiles, you don’t need fancy tile cleaners. Just choose a soap that’s pH neutral and water. Be sure you never use acid or bleach and don’t let soda, wine or other acidic spills sit on the tile. These can eat through the sealer and create stains.

If you follow these simple steps, your cement tiles will keep looking sensational. What could be better?



Breaking News: Great Cement Floor Tile Installation Idea in Miami Beach

By now, you probably know that one of our favorite things here at Granada Tile is seeing completed cement tile installations featuring our sensational concrete tiles. We we’re continually thrilled and delighted to see the myriad creative and clever ways our clients incorporate our cement tile designs into their tile installations. Today, we’ve got a special treat for you: Not only do we have a completed floor tile installation project to share with you, but we’ve also got a great work-in-progress tile photograph to boot.

To create this fabulous cement tile installation for a rooftop deck in Miami Beach, our client chose our St. Tropez cement tile design from our Echo Collection as a bright accent. It forms an inner perimeter around a solid gray tile installation and is bordered on the outside by another solid gray border.

St. Tropez

A great tile installation idea: Our client chose an inner border of our St. Tropez cement tile design to create a stunning tile installation. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

The finished product is quite something, becoming a secluded retreat away from the the bustle of the city. A pergola dominates the space and provides much needed shade from the bright sun of South Florida, making it the ideal spot to kick back and enjoy a cold drink. Neutral tones of gray and white and the clean lines of the pergola and furniture make for a crisp, cool looking environment. The icing on the cake is our St. Tropez tile design, which provides a lovely bit of punctuation in terms of color and pattern.

St. Tropez finished installation

The finished tile installation. Against the crisp whites and grays, the pattern and color of the St. Tropez tile design provide a bright, lively splash of life. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Inspired? Check out our tile installation pages on our Web site for more great floor tile installation ideas. If you’re looking for something outside or inside, we’ve got plenty of tile photos to get you started. Love St. Tropez for your tile installation? It’s one of the cement tiles that we keep in stock. Check it out.


Installation Equation: Get Into the Holiday Spirit with Granada Tile’s Stripes Range of Cement Tiles

It’s Fourth of July week here in the United States. For most people, that means visions of barbecues, the beach and lemonade. It also means encountering your fair share of stars and stripes. As you can imagine, at Granada Tile, we take stripes very seriously given our Echo Collection’s new—and beloved—stripes range of cement tile we recently introduced. With that in mind, we thought we’d share some installation ideas featuring the new concrete tile designs so that you can create your very own All-American tile installation.

First up, what could be better than using a concrete tile named after the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia? Each tile features a pattern of six stripes laid out in parallel, irregularly-spaced lines. If you’re looking for a simple, rhythmic tile installation that would work great for a bathroom tile installation, this is the one for you.


In red and white, Granada Tile’s Philadelphia tile design brings All-American flair to any tile installation. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Want to have red, white and blue in your next tile cement installation? Try using the bold color combination in our Chicago tile design. Chicago is a fantastic tile design with a lovely pattern of five thin parallel lines per tile. With a white ground, the other shades you choose really stand out. For a marvelous cement tile backsplash, this is really the way to go.

Chicago tile design

For a patriotic touch in our next tile installation, try out our Chicago cement tile design. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

These fabulous cement tiles look great, it practically goes without saying, when paired with designs from our other collections too. Try off-setting their crisp geometry with our Antique floor tiles for a warm, inviting old-world touch, or pair them with other tiles from our Echo Collection to add a bit more pattern into, say, your kitchen tile backsplash.

Here’s to getting inspired with cement tile this Fourth of July weekend!