Installation Equation: Get Into the Holiday Spirit with Granada Tile


It’s Fourth of July week here in the United States. For most people, that means visions of barbecues, the beach and lemonade. It also means encountering your fair share of stars and stripes. As you can imagine, at Granada Tile, we take stripes very seriously given our Echo Collection’s new—and beloved—stripes range of cement tile we recently introduced. With that in mind, we thought we’d share some installation ideas featuring the new concrete tile designs so that you can create your very own All-American tile installation. First up, what could be better than using a concrete tile named after the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia? Each tile features a pattern of six stripes laid out in parallel, irregularly-spaced lines. If you’re looking for a simple, rhythmic tile installation that would work great for a bathroom tile installation, this is the one for you.

Want to have red, white and blue in your next tile cement installation? Try using the bold color combination in our Chicago tile design. Chicago is a fantastic tile design with a lovely pattern of five thin parallel lines per tile. With a white ground, the other shades you choose really stand out. For a marvelous cement tile backsplash, this is really the way to go.

These fabulous cement tiles look great, it practically goes without saying, when paired with designs from our other collections too. Try off-setting their crisp geometry with our Antique floor tiles for a warm, inviting old-world touch, or pair them with other tiles from our Echo Collection to add a bit more pattern into, say, your kitchen tile backsplash. Here’s to getting inspired with cement tile this Fourth of July weekend! [subscribe2]


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