5 Concrete Tiles That Will Inspire Your Next Romantic Interior Design Remodel

Old-World Gerona Walkway

Want to impress that special someone? A movie-perfect setting never fails to set the mood! Create a romantic atmosphere with lovely concrete tiles from our new Olvera Collection and take your date to soaring new heights. 

Creating Sunlit Romance with Osuna Tiles 

osuna patter tile

Our Osuna pattern is a promising choice for outdoor enthusiasts. The Umber in the smooth texture invokes warmth and complements the patio’s greenery. This will make the perfect coffee date under the sun or during a beautiful sunset. You can toast your sweetheart and comfortably enjoy your day in a space built with love. 

Castilla Concrete Tiles Create a Loving Backdrop

Castilla Concrete Tiles

At-home date nights can be exciting with the right ambiance. Castilla tile makes a whimsical backsplash for this intimate mid-century kitchen. When it’s time to cook a home meal for your beloved, these starburst tiles will surround you both in comfort and the true feeling of home and hearth. 

A Ravishing Rectangular Patio 

Rectangular Patio

Suppose you’re looking to craft a splendid picnic outing. In that case, there’s nothing like a smooth, brick-like patio covered in our gorgeous rectangles. These Ink colored tiles complement the table and embrace the natural beauty of the surrounding greenery with their simplistic style. 

An Old-World Gerona Walkway

Old-World Gerona Walkway

A classic romantic stroll down a breathtaking alleyway is the picture of romance. These Gerona cement tiles may reflect the cobblestone look but remain just as beautiful as the day they were laid. This is due to our advanced hand-crafted color and pattern techniques. You’ll never have to worry about a faded fairy-tail pathway while you wander down with your loved one.

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Fine Dining on a Quintana Terrace

Quintana Terrace

If you’d like to take your date to the next level, there’s nothing like dinner with a view. Our Quintana design creates an upscale terrace with a smooth finish. You can pop open a bottle of wine for a fine meal in comfort and style.

Check Out Our Olvera Cement Tiles

If you’re looking to create a romantic space, the Olvera Collection is just what you need. Find your perfect match by exploring our selections, or create your own by contacting us today! 


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