Breaking News: Great Cement Floor Tile Installation Idea in Miami Beach


By now, you probably know that one of our favorite things here at Granada Tile is seeing completed cement tile installations featuring our sensational concrete tiles. We we’re continually thrilled and delighted to see the myriad creative and clever ways our clients incorporate our cement tile designs into their tile installations. Today, we’ve got a special treat for you: Not only do we have a completed floor tile installation project to share with you, but we’ve also got a great work-in-progress tile photograph to boot. To create this fabulous cement tile installation for a rooftop deck in Miami Beach, our client chose our St. Tropez cement tile design from our Echo Collection as a bright accent. It forms an inner perimeter around a solid gray tile installation and is bordered on the outside by another solid gray border.

The finished product is quite something, becoming a secluded retreat away from the the bustle of the city. A pergola dominates the space and provides much needed shade from the bright sun of South Florida, making it the ideal spot to kick back and enjoy a cold drink. Neutral tones of gray and white and the clean lines of the pergola and furniture make for a crisp, cool looking environment. The icing on the cake is our St. Tropez tile design, which provides a lovely bit of punctuation in terms of color and pattern.

Inspired? Check out our tile installation pages on our Web site for more great floor tile installation ideas. If you’re looking for something outside or inside, we’ve got plenty of tile photos to get you started. Love St. Tropez for your tile installation? It’s one of the cement tiles that we keep in stock. Check it out. [subscribe2]


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