Installation Equation: Cement Tiles Make a Big Impact in Small Kitchens


Let’s face it, a lot of us spend a lot of time in the kitchen—cooking, eating, entertaining. Cement tiles from Granada Tile can add a bunch of spice to the space, taking a central gathering place and making it even more special. Over the years, our clients have sent us some great tile photos of their kitchen tile installations, so we’ve amassed a pretty impressive collection of ideas. In particular, several of our clients have used our cement tiles in a small kitchens to create delightful spaces for dining and entertaining. For a small Los Angeles kitchen, our clients chose solid color tiles from our Echo Collection to create a bright backdrop for their vintage stove. The medallion of tile in the middle adds more visual flair and is a great idea if you don’t have large wall spaces to tile but still want some dynamism in your kitchen. It’s also a great way to incorporate Granada Tile’s solid color tiles.

Central medallion
 Here’s a thought: Create a focal point in your kitchen using tile. In this kitchen tile installation, a decorative tile medallion is surrounded by Granada Tile’s cement tiles in mustard and pine. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

We love the work Karen and Guy Vidal, the minds behind Design Vidal, do, and one of our favorite projects of theirs is a small kitchen that incorporates our Nara tile design in the decor. It works perfectly in the retro space, where the formica countertops and stainless steel sink lend period elegance to the room. A pair of open shelves above offer additional storage. For a galley-type kitchen, keeping it simple, with just a few touches, is the way to go.

Nara kitchen
Our Nara tile design plays up the retro flair in a mid-century kitchen. The designers, Karen and Guy Vidal, embraced the midcentury feeling of the space. Tile photo courtesy Guy Vidal.

If you’re in Manhattan, chances are your kitchen isn’t going to be big. That’s the case in a darling kitchen designed by one of our clients. A compact central island multiplies the counter space and storage and provides a bit of eat-in seating. Our Fez tile design in a neutral palette provides just a subtle punch of pattern so that the compact space isn’t overpowered.

 For a Manhattan kitchen, our client opted for our Fez tile design in a neutral palette. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

For more great small kitchen design ideas, visit our Web site, where, big or small, there are plenty of great kitchens to get you thinking about tile installations and how cement tiles can enliven any size space. [subscribe2]


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