Granada Goes Forth: Looking for Floor Tile Inspiration in Colombia


Last year, Granada Tile‘s own Marcos and Melanie took a trip to Cartagena, Colombia. Why Colombia? Well, in the last few years, the country has become a popular travel destination with its mix of history, art, culture and natural beauty—not to mention it’s fair share of wonderful cement tile installations. They came home with tons of photos, some of which we’ve already shared. There were so many, though, we had to pick and choose. Today, we’ve got some more concrete tile photos from Colombia that are guaranteed to get you thinking about your own cement tile installation. One of our favorite snaps they took featured an outstanding floor tile installation in a combination of blue and white. Now, we’re suckers for this pairing—it evokes the wonderful Delftware of the 16th century and beyond. Lining the floor of a hall, it strikes a great note of formality with its pattern of diamonds surrounded by a foliate border.

In Colombia, it seems as if Marcos and Melanie found cement tile everywhere they turned, including in a small Cartagena cafe. The concrete tile they discovered has a bold pattern, but, since it has just a two-color palette, its boldness is tempered. We often show our cement tiles with multiple colors, but experimenting with just two shades can create some really great floor tile looks.

The moral of this story? No matter where you are, it pays to be on the look out for cement tile. You never know what you’ll find. You just might come across the inspiration for your next floor tile installation. Keep checking back here; in the coming weeks, we’ll share how to get some of these looks from Cartagena in your own tile installation. [subscribe2]


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