7 Shower Tile Ideas to Upgrade Your Bathroom

shower tile ideas

Cement tile is one of the most practical materials for bathrooms and showers. It is also one of the most stunning and diverse when it comes to design options, colors, and patterns. If you’re looking into renovating a bathroom in your home and want to add an interesting focal point, adding a unique tile in the shower can punch up the space and instantly upgrade the entire bathroom, even if you don’t renovate it all.

The Benefits of Cement Shower Tiles

First off, let’s get into why cement tiles work so great with bathroom shower tile ideas. You may be wondering, why shouldn’t you just go with regular ceramic tiles over seemingly exotic cement tiles? While ceramic tiles are more commonly used, cement tiles have been around for 150 years and are beloved for their durability and beauty for just as long.

shower tileUnlike ceramic tiles, cement tiles aren’t painted with a design and fired in a kiln to set. They are compressed under two thousand pounds of pressure after a mixture of cement, sand, marble powder and pigments is mixed and poured into a mold. The tile itself contains the design, rather than being painted. This quality and manufacturing process is what makes cement tiles far more durable and longer lasting than ceramic tile. Their designs do not scratch and fade like ceramic tiles, leading to bathroom shower tile designs that remain beautiful for many years.

For a shower, cement tiles offer multiple benefits, including:

  • Slip resistance. Cement tiles are not glazed and often unpolished giving them a matte coat and a slip-resistant quality. While there are no guarantees against slips with tile, cement tiles are much less slippery than ceramics. More so, what’s great about cement tiles is that they provide a soft underfoot feeling.
  • Easy maintenance. No one likes cleaning the bathroom and the shower is no exception. Cement tiles are low maintenance and easy to care for, and after they are properly sealed, won’t need to be sealed for another year or two. Your bathroom shower tile ideas are not only luxurious but practical as well.
  • Moisture resistance. Water damage and mold are two things you don’t want to find in your bathroom. Not only can they cause structural and aesthetic damage, but they can also cause health issues. Cement tiles offer a water-resistant barrier against your bathroom floor and walls, preventing water damage and mold growth.
  • Classic and fresh. Cement tiles are very popular in the home and décor world, but that doesn’t mean they’re simply a fast-burning trend. Cement tiles have been loved by homeowners and designers for centuries and will continue to wow with their timeless designs and modern styles alike.

Look beyond the conventional ceramic tile options and choose cement tiles for these stunning shower tile ideas:

1. Striped Shower Walls

Large prints are in style right now and offer a punch without being too busy. One idea is to tile the walls of the shower with two different tile colors, in the same size and shape, and alternate the two tiles to create large stripes. Alternatively, you can flip flop the same color and size of tile to create a herringbone pattern on the walls and floor of the shower. This look is both elegant and dramatic, especially if the entire bathroom is one solid tone.

2. Colorful Mosaic Tile

colorful mosaic tile

The tile in the shower is a great place to play with color and shine since it’s a small space and won’t overwhelm the bathroom. The shower walls are perfect for adding color, and colorful mosaic tile looks both fresh and fun. Popular colors for a bathroom include blues and light greens, but feel free to personalize your space to suit your home and style and choose not-so common colors like pink or red. Balance out the bright colors with a neutral tone in the rest of the bathroom. If you prefer bathroom shower tile ideas with softer colors, you can make the mosaic tile the same color as the rest of the bathroom for subtler visual contrast. Choose one wall for a feature wall with the mosaic tile. Alternatively, tile all shower walls to waistcoat height with larger tiles and switch to mosaic tile above that until you reach the ceiling.

3. Accent Tile in In-Set Shelves and Benches

If you love the idea of a solid-toned shower (an all white bathroom is especially on-trend right now) but you want a way to break up the monotony in a small way, choose a complementary tile in a different color and shape or size for the in-set niches and for the bench if you have one in your shower. This one is proof that your shower tile ideas can be small and still make a big visual difference! Alternatively, choose a vibrant colored patterned tile to really add a fun pop to your shower, while leaving the rest of the shower walls and floor simple.

4. Different Colored Tile in the Same Tone Family

Ombré is a style still popular around the world today, from hairstyles to clothes. It’s also a popular choice for home décor and you can bring some of your favorite looks into your bathroom for a modern update. Choose tiles, preferably all the same shape and size, in different tones of the same color family and create an ombré wall in the shower. Cement tile lends itself well to this style since there is a natural organic range of shade within one color.  Select some towels and other accents in a color from the feature wall to bring the look together.

5. All Natural Tones

neutral tone tile

One of the most consistent qualities of luxury spas all around the world is serene colors. You can take inspiration from a luxury spa to create your very own relaxing retreat in your bathroom. Choose soft, neutral tones for the space, such as cream, light gray, or white, and tile the entire shower in one of these serene hues. To make the space even more serene, avoid busy patterns and too many lines, corners, and objects. Rectangular tiles are popular right now and help to make a space feel calmer and less busy. Use these tiles for the walls in the shower, and possibly transition them in the entire bathroom. For an elegant way to tie in the shower tile with the rest of the bathroom, create a slender border using the same color tile as the bathroom floor.

6. Patterned Floral or Moorish Tile

If crisp, clean and serene really isn’t your style, then cement tiles have plenty of fun patterns for you to choose from. Create a focal point in your bathroom by tiling a wall in the shower with an intricate floral or Moorish design or add them inside a niche for just enough pop. You can take it up a notch even more by selecting a pattern in bright colors, or keep the colors soft with a romantic patterned design. For an unexpected twist, tile the floor of the shower with the patterned tiles and keep the rest of the shower a neutral tone.

7. Two Different Shaped Tiles

Mix and match two different types of tile in the shower to add visual interest. You can choose the same color or tone to create a cohesive look using two different shapes or sizes of tiles. Think a gray and white patterned tile on the walls with a solid tone on the floor, or a small scale scalloped tile on the walls and a subway tile look alike on the floor. The single tone will give the impression of a well-blended space that is anything but boring.

Additional Bathroom Shower Tile Ideas and Tips

small bathroom tilesYou no doubt have some amazing shower tile ideas brewing for your bathroom transformation. Here are a few additional tips to keep in mind that will make the project even more successful:

  • Choose unpolished tiles. Minimize slip hazards by choosing a matte top sealant for the shower floor.
  • Increase safety with smaller tiles. Smaller sized tiles have more grout lines and more grout lines mean better traction under foot.

Are you ready to begin your bathroom upgrade? Get in touch with the tile experts at Granada Tile today and get started designing your dream bathroom with cement shower tile.


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