How Concrete Tiles Can Upgrade Your Retail Space or Restaurant


When designing your retail space or restaurant, there are multiple things to consider when it comes to both practical and aesthetic designs. High traffic flooring needs to be durable with little to no need for constant maintenance. Because commercial flooring can be a big investment, you need to make sure that it can handle the necessary foot traffic your business will endure.

You will also want to make sure that your space is visually appealing to your customers, and one of the best way to do this is to use tile to accentuate the color palette you wish to employ. Because of these two major demands, concrete tiling is the best option to not only have an enduring floor, but also have a visually stunning display of color to appeal to your customers.

Customize Your Tile

Concrete tile is incredibly customizable, making it perfect to use in restaurants and retail spaces. By using this material, designers are able to transform any drab space into an artistic masterpiece. Because they act like a blank canvas, concrete tiles are a truly versatile option for retail and restaurant spaces. You can use graphic designs on concrete tile to attract foot traffic from passersby into your establishment. These designs not only attract new customers, but can also direct the eye to the right area of your restaurant or retail space to improve customer flow, reducing congestion and increasing turnover. You can choose from a variety of graphic designs, including those that look like Persian rugs, fluid arabesque curves or nuanced coloring. You can also create depth and character using geometrical patterns, ranging from hive-shaped to circular designs, perfect for casual and fine dining establishments.

Geometric Patterns

Another effective use to upgrade your retail space is the use of geometric patterning. Because of their ease to transition between styles and themes, geometric shapes and patterns can meet any design aesthetic from Art Deco to über contemporary. Understated patterns can create the perfect ambiance for a relaxed, charming retail store. For a hip, ultra-modern experience, hive-shaped concrete tile can draw in diners, especially when accentuated by sporadically placed wall plants to create an asymmetrical depth. Using a darker color concrete tile, such as a deep charcoal or navy blue, is best for an upscale dining space to create an elegant and refined mood, while plush lavenders or dusty roses will create a calm and soothing environment best suited for children’s clothing stores or upscale bakeries.

Concrete Tiles: The Best of the Best

Concrete tiles are also environmentally friendly since they are composed of natural materials. Colored concrete tiles also typically uses natural pigments, making it free from all the harsh chemicals other tiles use to achieve personalized colors and designs. This means that you can upgrade your space to be stylish and design-forward without worrying about damaging Mother Nature. They also are slip-resistant which will reduce potential injuries to staff and customers in case of a spill. With all of this in mind, in addition to the plethora of design options to match your retail or restaurant space, it is easy to see why concrete tiles will upgrade your business to the best on the block.


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