There is an Amazing Array of Colors and Styles Cement Tiles have to Offer


So you finally decided to change out that old and outdated tile in your master bathroom. You were hoping to get at least 20 more years out of it, but the spouse vehemently disagreed. Well, we have to side with the wife on this one. If your tile is that old, there could be leaking that you are unaware of. Not only that, there is an amazing array of colors and styles cement tiles have to offer. Here are a few tips when considering new tile for your bathroom. You will no doubt take your time and choose your tiles very carefully. You should take equal consideration when discovering the correct adhesives, mattings and profiles to ensure your new tiles will give you years of trouble-free pleasure.

It is essential in wet rooms, such as showers, that you tile onto a water resistant background. Those who don’t heed this advice will discover why this is the most common cause of tiling failures in bathrooms. Not all that long ago, tiling on suspended wood floors was impractical and inadvisable. But the advancement of adhesive technology has changed this rule. Today, the vast majority of wood floors can be tiled. Don’t be afraid to pull the trigger on those bold and bright tiles. We think you should choose a tile that makes a statement. Choose a tile design that expresses your personality. Be a trendsetter. Prepare to spend both time and money. You are adding value to your home so you want to make sure to do it right. In the end, you will discover that once again, your spouse was right.


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