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Our cement tile is part of a new trend on Instagram—#floorcore. Find out what it's all about. Image via Instagram.

We might be repeating ourselves just a bit, but we’re really blown away by people’s growing passion for cement tile—it might be close to reaching our levels of concrete tile love. It seems like not a month goes by without another magazine feature or article online about concrete tile—and specifically cement tile from Granada Tile. In just the last couple of weeks alone, we’ve been featured twice. She Knows Home & Garden did a great interview with Melanie and showcased some favorite cement tile installation photos. In the conversation, Melanie touched on some of the trends we’ve been seeing over the last few months: Our clients are really flipping for our graphic cement tile designs rendered in black and white. (Think ClunySantander and Badajoz.) Melanie also gave some helpful tips for those wanting to experiment with color, pattern and cement tile for the first time. She suggests starting small, if you’re hesitant, using concrete tile in a laundry room installation first, before moving on to bigger, more public spaces. Using a tile palette that echoes other colors in your space is also a great idea, Melanie points out.

Our cement tile is part of a new trend on Instagram—#floorcore. Find out what it’s all about. Image via Instagram.

Our sensational cement tile also made a guest appearance on Lonny recently on a fun new trend on Instagram—#floorcore! For the uninitiated, #floorcore means photographing your feet standing on a cool surface (maybe wearing a sassy pair of flats or some really great boots). Included in the slideshow are floors covered in leopard print carpet, particleboard, even stone in Italy. Granada Tile makes an appearance, with a Lonny editor standing on the now-iconic Fez cement tile installation at Intelligentsia Coffee in Silver Lake. Stick around! Given that our concrete tiles are flying off the shelves, we’ll have lots more tile installation photos to share with you. Who knows, you’re project might be one of them! And, it goes without saying, that we’d love to see your #floorcore shots! Send them our way!


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