Beyond Kitchen Tile and Bathroom Tile: Use Granada Tile Cement Tile All Over You


Bathroom floor tile, kitchen backsplash tile, patio tile  — these are the expected ways to bring the beautiful designs and colors of cement tile into your home.  But, as concrete tile lovers, we’re always looking for a place in our homes that would benefit from the beauty of cement tile.  A recent article on HGtv suggests ways to bring it into all parts of your house.

Here, black and white Serengeti cement tile creates a beautiful statement wall that corrals exotic prints and textures.

Here, in a loft, concrete tiles act almost like a rug under this dining room table, setting it off from the rest of the space. Get the look using Granada Tile’s hex shaped cement tiles.

  Use concrete tiles to perk up your fireplace.  Above, in a project by Studio Matsalla, Granada Tile’s Serengeti concrete tiles balance a bohemian living room. Perk up your kitchen island, below. Get the look of this stand-out spot by covering your kitchen’s island in cement tile. For more ideas, check out the full article here.

Many of our most popular concrete tile designs, like our Cluny concrete tile, our Badajoz cement tile, our Fez encaustic tile in blue and white and in black and white, and our Serengeti cement tile are in stock and ready to ship out to you immediately! The qualities that make Granada Tile’s cement tiles the choice of award-winning coffee shops and hot restaurants around the country — along with their beautiful designs and vivid colors, our concrete tile is long lasting, easy care and low maintenance — are the same ones that make it perfect for your home tile project, whether used as patio tile, porch tile, kitchen floor tile, kitchen backsplash tile, bathroom tile, shower tile or laundry room tile. Start by visiting our cement tile shop to peruse our large selection of in-stock handmade master-crafted cement tiles and call us today at 213-788-4238 to discuss which of our encaustic tile designs would be perfect for your home or restaurant project.


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