Breaking News: Sensational Cement Tile Makes a Debut

Granada Tile's Fez cement tile design appears in the May 2014 of Traditional Home. It's our first appearance in their pages and we couldn't be happier!

Over the past several years, Granada Tile‘s sensational cement tiles have graced the pages of some of the top design magazines in the United States (and the world for that matter). Now, we’re delighted to announce that our concrete tiles have made yet another appearance in print. This time they’re featured in Traditional Home—marking the first time Granada Tile’s cement tile has appeared there. As you can imagine, we couldn’t be happier! For the magazine’s 2014 issue, the New + Next column includes our flagship Echo Collectioncement tile design, Fez, one of 25 items picked as “bucket list” design ideas.You know, the things you can’t live without—and make your life just a little bit more stylish and beautiful? We’re in great company, among fabulous chandeliers and heirloom-worthy tea sets. In our case, Traditional Home‘s editors singled out Granada Tile’s amazing cement tile as a great way to create a distinctive look for your back splash or floor—not to mention your walls.

We’re thrilled that they chose a custom colorway (creams and greens) to feature, because it highlights just how much you can make our cement tile designs uniquely yours. If you’re interested in customizing your own concrete tile design, we’ve got lots of tools to do it. For starters, experiment with our interactive Echo Collection catalogue to find just the right cement tile for your tile installation. Then, play around with your palette: go neutral, go monochromatic or go wild. It’s up to you—for us, it’s all about helping you realize your unique vision for your next tile installation, be it a kitchen back splash, bathroom floor tile installation or a dramatic wall tile installation. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!



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