Why You Should Consider Cement Tiles Over Other Flooring Types


Your indoor flooring needs to be able to handle a lot of use and abuse, especially in high traffic areas. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to settle for function over beauty; it just means you should consider alternative options to the more common choices like wood, stone, or laminate. Cement tile, for example, is a durable option and great choice for indoor floors, but don’t just take our word for it! Read on to learn why cement tiles are a smarter choice than other flooring types.

Unmatched Design Flexibility And Color Options

There are many options when it comes to indoor flooring, but none offer the same level of design choice as cement tiles. Let’s look at some of the popular choices like wood, carpet, or even other types of tiles. The design flexibility with all of these materials is very limited. You either have to choose from existing designs, pay a fortune to have a custom option made, or opt for an installation pattern that can be very costly. None of these options offer the affordable design flexibility offered by cement tiles. As a handmade product made in small batches, it’s possible to customize the color palette and also change the design and even shape of the tile. This triple faceted customization allows you to create a truly unique, yet affordable, look for your home flooring.

Long-Lasting Looks

Installing indoor flooring takes time and money, so it makes sense to choose an option that will look good for many years to come. Think about the daily abuse your floors go through, especially if you have pets or young children. It’s not unheard of to expect spills, stains, and even scratches from everyday use. If these items are major causes for concern in your home, you should rule out carpets or wood flooring. These surfaces aren’t designed to handle heavy use for long periods of time unless you’re willing to pay for refinishing or professional cleaning. This is where cement tiles come in! Cement tiles are manufactured to be incredibly strong and are sealed as part of the installation process so they can handle a lot of use. They also have a thick layer of the design pigment, which means even with years of use the design will still maintain its vivid color and defined pattern. In fact, there are examples of cement tiles in Europe that are over 100 years old and still look wonderful.

Limited Impact on the Environment

Many flooring options have a lasting negative impact on the environment due to the manufacturing process, the materials used, or both. For example, the materials used in vinyl and synthetic carpet damage the environment and can also pollute your home. If you’re leaning towards a natural product like wood or stone you may also be contributing to environmental damage and depletion of limited resources unless you specifically search for recycled or sustainable products. It’s easy to assume that glass tile can be an environmentally friendly choice but the manufacturing process requires significant amounts of energy. Cement tiles, on the other hand, use both environmentally friendly materials and require little energy to produce, as they are not fired like many other types of tile.

Low Maintenance Needs

Nobody wants to spend hours every month maintaining and cleaning their home’s flooring, so it’s important to choose an option than needs limited maintenance. Some of the options that need more care than you’d think include wood and stone. Wood flooring is not only easily damaged but will need to be refinished and resealed to maintain a high-quality look. This involves sanding off the existing finish, removing blemishes, and reapplying a sealer. Some stone products are also surprisingly soft and many are susceptible to easy staining. Once stained, they are very difficult to bring back to life so applying regular coats of sealer is vital to their maintenance.

That brings us to cement tile. Quality cement tiles actually require very little care. As mentioned above, your cement tile floor will be sealed during installation giving it a finishing coat that prevents stains and protects the tile. Once sealed you’ll simply need to mop them down with a gentle soap product.

An Affordable Home Flooring Option

Cement tile prices are comparable to many of the other flooring options available. They can be cheaper than some of the high-end ceramic tile, wood, and carpet options. Not to mention, cement tiles come with the above-mentioned benefits not offered by many of the other flooring options. If you’re looking for a mid-priced product that offers a high-end finish (and a myriad of choices) you can’t beat the value of cement tiles.

Whatever your design needs, cement tiles have a durable nature and come in a huge range of options. With limited maintenance needs and prices comparable to other types of flooring, cement tile might just be the perfect fit for your home. Browse our website to view in-stock tiles or call us today to discuss your custom design options.




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