Our Fez Cement Tiles Are A Fantastic Fit at Fairweather, San Diego


Designer and restaurateur Arsalun Tafazoli created two contrasting dining spaces in this 1908-dated building.  Downstairs there’s a deli; upstairs, the Fairweather lounge is a celebration of the environment — check out those living walls — and the space’s history as a speakeasy.  The bar at the centerpiece of it all is clad in our blue and white Fez cement tiles, adding a festive, lively — we could even say jazzy — vibe to this lively addition to San Diego’s nightlife.

  The qualities that make our concrete tiles perfect for a restaurant or bar — in addition to their beautiful colors and patterns, they’re long lasting, easy care and low maintenance — make it the perfect choice for your home.  Call us today at 213-482-8070  to discuss which of our encaustic tile designs would be right for your home.


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