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Chantilly Kitchen by Kim Gordon Designs
Chantilly Kitchen by Kim Gordon Designs

Designers have been using tiles for a long time to create a welcoming, unique and artistic space. Over the years, tiles have come in clay, ceramic, laminate, vinyl, and many other materials. Our handcrafted encaustic cement tiles let you take your creativity to the next level, and there are many reasons why they’re so popular. Explore why you should learn about artisan-poured cement tiles for your next design project.

Why Consider Cement Tiles?

There are many knockoffs of cement tile out there. The truth is, nothing can substitute the level of care, skill, and attention that goes into producing artisan-quality hand-poured cement tiles. We go to great lengths to keep costs down for our customers by offering our cement tiles. We provide the ability to order inexpensive samples so you can see just how gorgeous and well-made these tiles are.

How To Install a Cement Tile Floor

It’s essential to take the proper steps to install our cement tiles. You’ll need to make many decisions, such as planning your design scheme. Which size, shape, and color do you want to use to create your ideal room?

It’s often best to let the pros install your tile. That way you’ll be sure tiles are correctly laid and sealed to avoid potential problems.

Maintaining Cement Tiles

When adequately sealed, cement tiles are low maintenance and won’t fade when exposed to the sun. They can handle high traffic and heavy use. To maintain them:

  1. Sweep them daily and wash them weekly with mild soap and water.
  2. Avoid acid-based cleaning solutions and detergents.
  3. Clean up stains right away.

Every couple of years, reseal the tiles to ensure that the protection you enjoy continues for a long time to come. 

Get Creative With Granada Tile

Explore our entire range of tiles available, and let us customize your tile. For more advice about your project, contact us at 213-788-4238 or visit today!


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