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If you are looking for a timeless design for your home, consider handmade cement tiles. They are an ideal option in any home where you do not want to replace the flooring often. You will find different designs, so you can choose the one that appeals most to you.
Athens_Designer_KSMcRorieInterior Design_photo_joshgibson
As the 90s taught us with their carpeted bathrooms, not all design trends are truly timeless. One of the few interior decor trends which have never failed to impress is the creative use of cement tile. The right use of cement tile patterns and designs within your home will...
Denton Developments Incpatchwork
From the stunning Bordeaux to the Moroccan-inspired Arabesque, Granada Tile’s handmade cement tiles are sweeping the world as a unique way to improve the look and feel of any space. Decorative tiles have been used for generations for flooring, accent pieces, and entryways due to their long-lasting lifespan and...
Blue, black, and white patchwork tile design in a Greek Yogurt business
Patchwork tile designs have taken the design world by storm; top magazines and interior designers around the world are falling in love with the eclectic mix of stunning colors and patterns. Incorporating patchwork tile designs into your home or business isn’t difficult, and the visually striking pattern mixes available...

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