Ways to Create a Unique and Beautiful Tile Backsplash


In terms of your kitchen, the backsplash tile should be considered one of the more important parts of the design. No matter the medium you choose for your kitchen backsplash, it will be a focal point. Tile is a very popular choice, and for very good reason. Tile is flexible in budget, style and application. Here are a few tile types that you should consider utilizing for your kitchen backsplash. Big and bold tile patterns are all the rage. Overscale patterns can be customized to repeat, just like you see in wallpaper. It is important to layout your wallspace thoughtfully so your design remains even. Here is a novel idea; give ordinary tiles a creative twist by placing them on the wall diagonally.

This type of layout may be a bit more labor intensive, but the overall look is well worth the effort. Don’t be such a square. That is, don’t limit yourself to just square tiling, mix it up by selecting some other available shape. Take pride in your kitchen by going against the norm to create an awe inspiring backsplash. Go color crazy. Yet another way to create a unique and beautiful backsplash is by utilizing our custom color tiles. This is as easy as choosing what colors you desire, almost. Mix and match over thirty color choices with the design of your choice. In the end, you will no doubt discover a tile that will be unique to your kitchen. The first step to a beautiful backsplash is through our website. Get creative today.


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