Get the Inspired: What’s Happening on Share Designs in December

You’d think that with the holidays taking up lots of psychic space this month, tile-philes’ collective attention would be turned toward other topics. Happily for us, that’s not the case. Take a peek at Granada Tile‘s Share Designs page, and you’ll see folks have been busy on the site—coming up with some truly fabulous cement tile installation ideas.

We loved what Heather Reavey did with Lille, one of the newest members of the Echo Collection family of cement tiles. She opted for a combination of blues—ranging from sky to midnight—to create a bold palette. It really gives a pared-down tile design an extra boost. If blue’s not your thing, it would be great using other combinations as well (grays, reds, greens, whatever suits your fancy).

Lille Heather Reavey

Heather Reavey chose a dramatic combination of blues for her take on Lille, one of Granada Tile’s newest cement tile designs. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

It was a big year for new cement tile introductions. Besides Lille, an entire range of new concrete tile designs joined the Echo Collection, and they’ve continued to be very popular with our Share Designs users. Leon Kenyon came up with a great take on Seattle, choosing a color scheme of teal and aqua to create a watery look that befits its namesake city.

Leon Kenyon Seattle

Another of our newer additions to the Echo Collection, Seattle, got a great riff in the hands of Leon Kenyon. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Old favorites got plenty of love this month too. There were a lot to choose from, but we were particularly drawn to Deborah Cobrae’s vision for Cambria. With a lot happening pattern-wise, you can go a lot of directions with color, and Deborah did just that. We adore how she used green and mustard for the flowers, rendering them almost life-like. The splashes of red are a brilliant and fun touch.

Deborah Cobrae Cambria

Color was the name of the game in Deborah Cobrae’s interpretation of Cambria. She used a varied palette to really enliven the cement tile design. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Tomorrow, stay tuned for a wrap of the year, featuring some of our favorite cement tile installation ideas, tile photos and more! It has been a fabulous year for us, and we’ve been delighted to share it with you!


Cement Tile Spotlight: Inspired by France

Few countries boast a richer design tradition than France. From textiles to furniture to fashion to architecture, it simply can’t be beat—there’s beauty around every corner. France also has a phenomenal tradition of innovation, which is particularly meaningful to us here at Granada Tile, since cement tile was first developed there in the 19th century. Over the years, Melanie and Marcos have been inspired by French design as they’ve created sensational concrete tiles of their own. In fact, one of the company’s newest tile designs takes its name and design cues from French design.

Meet Lille. Our new cement tile strikes the perfect balance between traditional and contemporary. While the foliate motif suggests Old World designs, it’s abstracted to such a degree that it would be right at home in a more modern setting. The discreet geometry of the pattern would work well in a floor tile installation—anywhere a bold, large-scale pattern is needed.


One of Granada Tile’s newest cement tile designs, Lille is inspired by classic French design. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Lille isn’t the only fabulous cement tile design that comes with French roots. Granada Tile offers several inspired by the country. Take Bayone. It’s a departure from Lille, offering a bit more curve, but it still has a great, pared-down feeling. We love the circles surrounding the flowers, and it can be endlessly tweaked by experimenting with the palette.


The simple pattern of circles, diamonds and flowers allows endless opportunities for experimentation with Bayone. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Now, if you want something that blends a bit of the geometry of Lille with some of the elements of Bayone, Provence fits the bill. There’s a formal feel—especially with the diamond shapes that crop up. But, there are surprises. The quatrefoils are shell-shaped, adding just a bit more to the pattern, and the small details at each of the corners are another fun touch.


Provence, another French-inspired cement tile design from Granda Tile, combines formal elements with a dash of playfulness. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

These are just the tip of the French-inspired cement tile iceberg. Check out our Echo Collection‘s interactive catalogue for more sensational concrete tile with French accents.



Breaking News: Granada Tile’s New Lookbook

Granada Tile Lookbook 2013

Granada Tile’s new lookbook features new cement tile designs, great design ideas, and, of course, divine cement tile installations. Cover photo courtesy designer, builder, and photographer Ken Koonce.

Granada Tile has some big news! Our new Lookbook is now live on our Web site, and it’s filled with some special treats. Probably the biggest news is the seven additions to our flagship Echo Collection of cement and concrete tiles.

The new concrete tiles were inspired by the travels of the company’s owners and founders, Marcos Cajina and Melanie Stephens. Included in the volume are Connemara and Galway, which take their cues from traditional Irish designs. French design gets a nod in the form of Lille, Carcassone and Limoges, while North Africa is represented by Tunisia and Central Spain by Toledo.

They range from abstract and geometric to more traditional—regardless they will add plenty to whatever your next cement tile installation may be. Look for more on these fabulous new cement tile designs here in the coming weeks and months.

The Lookbook also includes one of our favorite features from the blog. Some of our most beloved cement tile designs also appear in the Lookbook but are reinterpreted by Share Designs users. The new color combinations will inspire you and show you once again them just how transformative it is to play with Granada Tile’s standard palette of 32 shades.

Of course, the best way to appreciate Granada Tile’s fabulous cement tile offerings is in finished projects, and the Lookbook offers two. The work of designer and builder Ken Koonce, the bathroom tile projects shown illustrate just how versatile Granada Tile’s cement tiles are. While both include our Cluny cement tile design, the color changes in each yield utterly distinctive looks.

Be sure to check out the Lookbook and be sure to come back here, where you’ll be able to check out just how smashing our new concrete tiles are.

Cement Tile Spotlight: A Happy Medium

Are you a Modernist at heart? Do you thrill to clean lines and minimal pattern? But, every so often, do you wish for a little something extra? An extra bit of detail or curve or flair? If that describes you, then Granada Tile has some cement tiles that bridge the gap between starkly Modern and more fluid looks. Today, we’re delighted to share with you some cement tile design ideas that will add just the right amount of kick to your concrete tile installation.

One of our favorites has to be Istanbul, which references classic motifs found in its namesake city. It takes a traditional arabesque design and multiplies it. The result is a pattern of interlocking arabesques, with one rotated 90 degrees. This is a great tile design to experiment with color, since you can create a three-dimensional effect by choosing two similar hues to suggest a background and a foreground.


Featuring a pattern of interlaced arabesques, Granada Tile’s Istanbul tile design is simple yet adds a subtle level of flair to a cement tile installation. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Ankara gives you a different feel, yet it also blends a pared-down look with a dash of pattern, delivered in a large-scale format. This is just the ticket if you’re looking for something for a concrete floor tile installation, since it would work perfectly installed over a large area. Plus, it’s a fun departure from a more typical square or diamond pattern with a few hints of Marrimekko textile designs in there too.

Ankara cement tile design

For a larger scale cement tile design that balances simplicity and pattern, Ankara is a great choice. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

For sheer fun, it’s hard to beat our Esfahan cement tile design. A lively pattern of circles and pinwheels, it’s another great one to try out color and layout combinations, because it lends itself to so many intriguing ones. What’s more, it has a great midcentury feel to it. We’d love to see installed in a tile backsplash in a retro-feeling kitchen or for walls tiles in a chic, jewel-box like powder room.

Esfahan cement tiel design

Our Esfahan cement tile brings a bit of whimsy to your cement tile design, with its pinwheel-like design. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Never underestimate the power of a great, graphic cement tile design. It’s the perfect solution when you want to add color and pattern to a space. See for yourself, using our Echo Collection‘s interactive catalogue.



Get the Look: Bring the Flavor of Guatemalan Cement Tile’s to Your Next Project

Last week, we showed you some great cement tiles Melanie and Marcos came across on trip to Guatemala. This week, we thought we’d show you how to bring the look of Guatemalan cement tile into your own concrete tile installation project. Granada Tile has lots of tiles that capture a similar flair, along with a palette that can bring a little of the classic color of the country into your own kitchen or bathroom tile project.

If you loved the simple concrete tile installation in an Antigua posada, you can recreate the feel using our Borga tile design. It’s a simple cement tile that can be dressed up or down depending on your color preferences. To get the look of the posada’s cement tile, simply choose a palette of cream and terra-cotta. It gives you a subtle ground, while the cream at the corners forms lovely diamond shapes.

Borga in terracotta and cream

Borga in a simple mix of terra-cotta and cream yields an elegant cement tile design that works perfectly as a floor tile installation. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

If you’re looking for something bolder, inspired by the cement tile in the Antigua hotel restaurant, you can achieve a similar result by using our Kiev cement tile design. The pattern, dominated by large-scale circles is a nod to the circles in the Guatemalan design. To make it a closer match, try using a similar palette of yellows, oranges and reds—it’s warm and vibrant and a great way to make a statement. Install it all over or get creative a do a tile carpet, surrounding it with solid and patterned border tiles.

Kiev in yellow, mustard and terra cotta

Bring a little of the warm hues of Latin America home with you by using similar colors for your Kiev palette. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

We loved the acanthus-like motif on the concrete tile Melanie and Marcos spotted in an Antigua boutique. (We also were big fans of the chic, understated palette.) You can find something like it, if you opt for our Sevilla tile design. The abstract design brings a bit of Egypt into a cement tile installation, and—much like Kiev—it looks great installed in a continuous field or as a tile carpet.

Sevilla in red, blue and sage

Using red for the acanthus-like leaves in our Sevilla cement tile design emphasizes the motif. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Have you spotted some sensational, historic cement tile on your travels? If so, we’d love to see some tile pictures—we can’t get enough of them. And, we’d be thrilled to showcase them right here on the blog!


Living History: More Sensational Cement Tile from Guatemala

Guatemala, as with Nicaragua, has a robust tradition of cement tile installations. In older parts of its cities and towns, surfaces are covered with stunning cement tile designs ranging from the subtle to the extravagant. A while back, we shared some discoveries Granada Tile‘s Melanie and Marcos found on a trip to the country, and today, because there’s an embarrassment of riches, as far as Guatemalan tile designs go, we thought we’d share a few more.

Spied at a posada in Antigua, Nicaragua, a simple cement tile floor caught Melanie and Marcos’s attention. In two shades, a cream and a terra-cotta, with geometric forms, the concrete tile installation is lovely in its understated simplicity. Diamonds, a few circles and starts complete compose the design and give a traditional terra-cotta-type cement tile installation a bit more than the usual monochromatic squares.

Simple tile floor posada

At a posada in Antigua, Guatemala, a simple pattern of cement tiles covers the floor. Guatemala, much like other Central American countries, has a rich tradition of cement tile. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

From the simple, we do a 180 to the elaborate, with a couple of Guatemalan cement tile installations that are bright, bold and fun. First up is a concrete tile installation on a floor at a hotel restaurant in Antigua. Besides solid mustard-yellow squares, the installation features a wide border surrounding large-scale circles. The color and pattern in the design animates the space.

Tile floor Antigua hotel restaurant.

The bold cement tile installation on the floor of an Antigua hotel’s restaurant provides a bright, dynamic counterpoint to the creamy stucco walls and rough-hewn ceiling beams. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

In an Antigua boutique, Melanie and Marcos came across yet another tour de force of cement tile design. It’s another bold pattern with echoes of the design motifs of several centuries contained within it. It’s geometry suggests 18th-century design, evoking, in particular, the formal gardens of the period. Other details soften it and bring to mind Art Deco design, especially in the fan-like floral motifs that punctuate its corners.

Boutique tile installation

A fresh combination of blue, orangey reds and white makes up the palette of a cement tile installation in an Antigua boutique. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

We hope we provided some tile inspiration for you and gave you something to think about as you plan your cement tile installation project yourself. Be on the look out for a follow up post, where will share how to incorporate some of these design ideas using Granada Tile‘s sensational cement tiles.


Breaking News: Granada Tile’s Vegas Cement Tile Design Is Top Pick in Family Circle


Family Circle January 2014

In Family Circle’s January 2014 DesignFile column, David Stark gives a shout-out to Granada Tile’s Vegas cement tile design

In Family Circle’s January 2014 DesignFile column, David Stark gives a shout-out to Granada Tile’s Vegas cement tile design

Over the last year, Granada Tile has been on quite a magazine hot streak. Editors, not to mention designers and architects, love our concrete tile designs and what they bring to all sorts of projects—from bathroom tile installations to kitchen backsplashes. With a huge variety of patterns and colors to choose from, there’s something for everyone, which is why the concrete tiles are so appealing. In the last 12 months, our concrete tiles have appeared in House Beautiful, Elle Decor and Architectural Digest. Now add Family Circle to the list. The coverage is a great early Christmas present and a fantastic way to kick off 2014.

For the magazine’s January 2014 issue, Family Circle talked to David Stark, New York event planner extraordinaire, about his favorite decorating ideas for the magazine’s Design File column. Can you guess one of his top picks? Yep, you’re right: Granada Tile’s sensational cement tile. A big fan of bold, graphic designs, our Vegas cement tile design made his list because of its large-scale pattern and vibrant design. For him, the concrete tile design is the perfect choice when you want to refresh a kitchen or bathroom floor.

Family Circle Vegas

Vegas, one of Granada Tile’s sensational cement tile designs, is just one of David Stark’s bold, graphic suggestions gauranteed to add punch to your surroundings.

We have to say, we’re not surprised he loves Vegas. One of the great things about this particular cement tile design is how versatile it is when it comes to layout. You can create all sorts of fun designs with the tiles—from simple repeating squares to more whimsical pinwheel designs. To experiment, visit our Echo Collection‘s online layout tool to explore how much you can do with the concrete tile design.

Are you planning a tile installation in the coming year? If so, check back here. We’ll be sharing lots of cement tile ideas and inspiration, so your project can make a splash. Make a tile installation project part of your 2014 resolutions.



Color Change: Transforming Granada Tile’s Normandy Cement Tile Design

What makes Granada Tile‘s cement tiles so special? Lots of things. Their durability is certainly high on the list. Their fabulous, sensuous textures is surely another. The sheer variety of our concrete tiles, though, might just be the best thing about them. We have so many concrete tiles to choose from—from our Mauresque, Rustico and Antique Collections to our Minis to our flagship Echo Collection—there’s something for everyone. Even within those collections, the sheer variety of color is tremendous. With that in mind, we thought we’d show you once again how just changing a few colors can totally alter the look of your cement tile design—and your tile installation.

Today, we thought we’d show you this using our Normandy tile design. We were inspired by a couple’s bathroom , which we showed you a few weeks back. As you may recall, they used Normandy in black, gray and white for their bathroom—from there, we started experimenting.

Normandy two color tile design

In two colors, especially pale neutrals, Normandy’s pattern is understated and restrained. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Now take it a little farther. Add another color—say something with a bit of contrast. In this case, we simply added black, which now defines the quatrefoils and roundels. The ground is still white and there are still wisps of gray, but it looks completely different—bolder, stronger—the perfect choice if you really want to make your cement tile installation pop in a kitchen tile backsplash or in your bathroom wall tile.

Normandy three color

By adding just one more color, you can totally transform our Normandy cement tile design, immediately making it bolder and more visually dynamic Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Now for the big finale: Go all out with a bright and zesty palette with a big mix of colors. Use eight colors and let your imagination go wild. Need something to add zing to an otherwise visually quiet space? This is just the ticket—you can really let your color personality shine when you combine some of your favorites in this tile design.

Normandy eight colors

Using eight shades makes Normandy shine. It’s a riff that will add personality and flair to any space that needs a dose of color. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

For more inspiration for your next cement tile installation, mosey over to our Interactive Echo Collection catalogue, where you can experiment with color yourself. If you need even more, there’s always Share Designs, where you’re sure to find intriguing and surprising takes on many of your favorite Granada Tile Designs.


Get Inspired: Too Many Fabulous Cement Tile Designs to Count on Share Designs

Some months, it’s an embarrassment of riches on Share Designs. November happened to be one of those months. Whether it was the appearance of Granada Tile‘s new Firenze tile design or folks gearing up for a pre-holiday concrete tile installation project, there were an amazing number of beautiful, creative cement tile ideas on the site this month. With that in mind, we thought we’d offer you a special bonus edition of our monthly Share Designs round-up. It’s the perfect tool for some incredible cement tile ideas.

Usually we see Rabat with a lot of contrast. Think bright blue, white and black. MK Brown had a different idea in mind with this take on the concrete tile design. Instead of using high-contrast shades, Brown opted for more harmony. Instead, the treillage design, in white, stands out against a ground in dawn with stars in aqua. The watery hues are sophisticated yet under-stated.

MK Brown Rabat

At first glance, the tile design is subtle. On closer inspection, the muted hues reveal a more complex design. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

When we spied this riff on Aragon, we were smitten. Nancy Bermudez used an unexpected palette to create a really stunning interpretation of the tile design that has a both lightness and visual power. Using shades of coral and rose as a jumping off point, she set them against a ground of white and added yellow to the centers. The result is bold—and elegant.

Nancy bermudez Chantilly

A splash of yellow adds a dash of levity to Granada Tile’s Aragon tile design in a take by Nancy Bermudez. Tile photo. Granada Tile.

As could be expected from a new cement tile design, Firenze got a ton of love this month—because it’s such a versatile cement tile design. It really lends itself to a lot of experimentation. You can really go all out with color, as Kara O’Donovan shows us in her version of the cement tile design. A dark blue ground provides a bold backdrop for the rest of the details, which are rendered in a range of shades, from white to cordoba to yellow.

Kara O'Donovan Firenze

A strong, dark ground for Kara O’Donovan’s interpretation of our Firenze tile design is a fun take on the cement tile. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Inspired? Found the perfect combination of pattern and color for your next tile installation project? We hope so. If you’re still searching, try checking out our interactive tile design tools and take a look at Share Designs. You can be sure there’re some amazing and creative renditions of Granada Tile‘s sensational cement tiles.