Get Inspired: Too Many Fabulous Cement Tile Designs to Count on Share Designs


Some months, it’s an embarrassment of riches on Share Designs. November happened to be one of those months. Whether it was the appearance of Granada Tile‘s new Firenze tile design or folks gearing up for a pre-holiday concrete tile installation project, there were an amazing number of beautiful, creative cement tile ideas on the site this month. With that in mind, we thought we’d offer you a special bonus edition of our monthly Share Designs round-up. It’s the perfect tool for some incredible cement tile ideas. Usually we see Rabat with a lot of contrast. Think bright blue, white and black. MK Brown had a different idea in mind with this take on the concrete tile design. Instead of using high-contrast shades, Brown opted for more harmony. Instead, the treillage design, in white, stands out against a ground in dawn with stars in aqua. The watery hues are sophisticated yet under-stated.

When we spied this riff on Aragon, we were smitten. Nancy Bermudez used an unexpected palette to create a really stunning interpretation of the tile design that has a both lightness and visual power. Using shades of coral and rose as a jumping off point, she set them against a ground of white and added yellow to the centers. The result is bold—and elegant.

As could be expected from a new cement tile design, Firenze got a ton of love this month—because it’s such a versatile cement tile design. It really lends itself to a lot of experimentation. You can really go all out with color, as Kara O’Donovan shows us in her version of the cement tile design. A dark blue ground provides a bold backdrop for the rest of the details, which are rendered in a range of shades, from white to cordoba to yellow.

Inspired? Found the perfect combination of pattern and color for your next tile installation project? We hope so. If you’re still searching, try checking out our interactive tile design tools and take a look at Share Designs. You can be sure there’re some amazing and creative renditions of Granada Tile‘s sensational cement tiles.


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