5 Interior Design Inspirations From Granada Tile


Tiles on the floor

Go Rustic With Olvera

Our Olvera Collection can bring out your design inspiration, and the perfect rustic look will elevate a home office, kitchen, or entryway design. It pairs well with our Echo Collection because it offers a vast array of colors and shapes. It works as an accent or as the primary focus for your room to give it a truly rustic design.

Echo-Corsica-PatioDining-BlossomPortland-Granada-Tile.png_Echo Corsica Patio Dining Blossom Portland

Try a European Approach with Echo

Our Echo Collection resurrects a design art that originated in Europe in the 19th century. It makes an excellent option for any outdoor or indoor area. It comes in a wide range of colors that pair well alongside our diverse collections. Echo is available in various shapes, stripes, solid colors, and designs that reflect Mediterranean and Moroccan styles.

Andalucia-Long-Hex-bathroom-Effin-Granada-Cement-TileAndalucia Long Hex bathroom Effin Granada Cement Tile

Get Classic With Andalucia

Andalucia offers a classic, minimalist approach with designs available in hexes, wavy, textured, or traditional solid-color methods. Organic shapes and richly colored hues define it. These handmade cement tiles add a touch of class to your design theme and complement our collections.

Minis-Scale-Kitchen-Costa Rica-Granada-Cement-Tile.jpg_Minis Scale Kitchen Costa Rica

Explore a Moroccan Aesthetic with Minis

The Minis collection is inspired by Morocco’s famous handcrafted cement tiles but consists of hand-poured artisan encaustic tiles. They’re a good option for adding a wave of undulating color over your kitchen backsplash, bathroom walls, countertops, and similar places. They can add depth to space or build a unique pattern of their own.


Keep it Subtle with Relief

The Relief collection brings out a subtle texture and is available in curvy or straight designs. These earthy tone designs come in other color ranges like Taupe or Rose. Our Relief Collection adds a sense of depth to your room inspiration.

Ask a Specialist: Granada Tile

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