3 Show-Stopping Kitchen Cement Tiles Inspirations From Granada Tile

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If you’re thinking about renovating your kitchen, cement tiles are an excellent design feature. Check out these 3 show-stopping inspirations for kitchen cement tiles to give you some ideas for your home remodeling project.

Why Renovate Your Kitchen?

From receiving equity to adding value to the home, a kitchen renovation is a must. The kitchen is one of two rooms in any home that is most likely to get a remodel. There are a lot of reasons why people decide to redesign their kitchen. Equity is a significant factor for many folks. Kitchens can be economical to reface, and doing so can add a great deal of value to the home. Most renovation jobs are done because it’s time; the room is outdated or needs repairs, which leads homeowners to try something new.


Benefits of Wall and Floor Tiles in the Kitchen

Using cement tile in your kitchen redesign is a huge benefit. Our hand-crafted cement tiles offer unmatched versatility patterns and requirements. Hand-poured cement tiles can literally be created in an infinite variety of designs, shapes, colors, and patterns; the only limit is your imagination. Secondly, these tiles are very low maintenance when properly installed and sealed. They clean up easily.

Finally, cement tiles can handle heavy traffic, and because their patterns and colors are poured in, they never fade. They’ll be just as bright 10 years down the line as on day one. That means your remodel will look new for a long time.


Idea 1: Create an Open, Elegant Space

One thing that leads many people to redesign their kitchen is they notice it looks small or cramped. A remodel with the right tile design can create an open and elegant space. Whether you go with a straightforward design or one that’s full of color and pattern, you can use tiles to create a design that stretches your kitchen lengthwise from a visual perspective. This will make it look longer.

Your space will look more elegant and open by choosing tiles with a rectangular or diamond pattern and orienting them lengthwise.


Idea 2: Go for Straightforward, Modern Design

Modern design is all about simplicity and keeping things open and airy. It uses white or light tiles for a somewhat monochromatic look, punctuated with bursts of color and pattern designs for your backsplash, around your island, or even to create a walking path to set the tone for your space’s energy.

To go modern, stick with a dominant color like white, cool gray, or the like. To complement the look, use something like tiles from the Echo Collection to add a focal point in the Mediterranean, Moroccan or Spanish Colonial style.


Idea 3: A Welcoming Traditional Look

Finally, you can go classic and traditional. Earth tones never go out of style for a kitchen, and they can create a country look that is always welcoming. Hexagonal tiles can soften the space overall and give it great energy that feels both intimate and open at the same time.

Essential elements of traditional kitchens include aged cabinets finished with just the right patina, classic and natural lighting, countertops with a natural look, and decorative molding and doors. Your tiles can be a perfect complement to the countertops or backsplash.


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