Kitchen Wall Tiles: How to Add Color and Style to Your Kitchen


Tiles are a beloved material for kitchen designs; they are durable, easy to clean and maintain, and they can add a nice dose of style. The backsplash is the most common way tiles are used in the kitchen, but there are many other ways they can add color, style, and texture to a kitchen.

Cement Tiles for Kitchen Walls

The most popular type of tile used in kitchens is the ceramic tile for its sleek, easy to clean surface and durability. But another type of tile that is just as low maintenance and even more durable is the cement tile. Unlike ceramic tiles, cement tiles are made with a hard-wearing mixture of cement, sand, pigment, and powdered minerals that is poured into molds and set with 2,000 pounds of hydraulic pressure. The result is an incredibly durable product that is not easily faded or worn. Cement tiles make a great choice for kitchen walls because they can hold up for a long time with minimal wear and maintenance while retaining their original luster. When thinking about the ways you can enhance your kitchen with wall tiles, consider the following ideas.

Create a Focal Point

Cement tile comes in an almost unlimited array of colors and patterns and you can create a really unique decorative feature for your kitchen walls. Choose one, two, or multiple cement tiles and a statement color and pattern, and install them on one of the walls in the kitchen, or as a focal point like a medallion design or patchwork pattern on a small section, like above the stove top.

Extend the Backsplash to the Walls

A popular design feature seen in many magazines is extending the kitchen wall tiles beyond the backsplash and up the entire wall. This look works well for both modern homes and traditional spaces alike, and can be very sleek and contemporary or elegant and sophisticated. Many homeowners choose a white or light neutral tone for the wall tiles to avoid overpowering the entire kitchen, and there are many cement tiles from Granada Tile company that boast a subtle pattern with a mixture of soft, serene colors that add just the right amount of wow-factor.

Tile Behind Open Shelves or Glass Panel Cabinets

If you have any open shelves in your kitchen, tiling up behind them adds an extra boost of color and style to your walls. If you have glass front cabinets, you can have tiles installed inside of them to show through the glass doors. This look adds an unexpected pop of color and texture without needing many objects on the shelves.

Tie in the Colors with Other Home Accents

You can coordinate pops of color in the other rooms in your home with your cement kitchen wall tiles. If your adjacent living room or dining room uses accents of blue, purple, or green, you can use tiles in those same colors or complementary shades to balance the spaces and tie them together. Even if you change out those colored accents in your other rooms, whether they be pillows, rugs, or art work, the colored tile in the kitchen will still provide a nice array of color and style to your kitchen. If you’d prefer to avoid bright colors in the kitchen, choose a neutral tone in an interesting pattern like a floral or Moorish mosaic for a timeless statement piece.

Incorporate a Medallion or Centerpiece on a Wall

One of the main benefits of cement tiles is the infinite amount of designs you can choose and create. With help from the Granada Tile team, buyers can create their own 100% unique custom tile, providing us with colors and patterns you want to recreate. If there’s a special décor detail, family crest or emblem, or other design element like a medallion you love, incorporate the design on one of your kitchen walls to create a work of art.

Think Pattern: Stripes and Checkerboard

Be unique and skip the paint or wallpaper for your kitchen walls. Instead, tile them all completely and use cement tiles in a pattered layout to mimic more conventional wall coverings. You can have cement tiles laid in stripes with two different colors, laid in a geometric pattern, or in a checkerboard pattern. For your kitchen, you can wow with style and combat messes with stylish and durable tiled walls.

Cement wall tiles offer both exceptional style and durability for the room of the house where you relax with your family and host elegant dinner parties. Take inspiration from our ideas for using tile to add color and style to your kitchen and design a space you love to look at as much as you love to live in.

The cement tile experts at Granada Tile are waiting to help you choose the perfect tile design and layout for your kitchen walls. Give us a call today!


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