Add a Gorgeous Touch to Your Staircase with Our Cement Tile

Add a Gorgeous Touch to Your Staircase with Our Cement Tile
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If you’re looking to upgrade your staircase, whether it’s a grand staircase, an outdoor stairway to your house or any other set of steps, cement tile is an outstanding option. Hand-poured cement tiles never fade, are low maintenance and can stand up to heavy wear and foot traffic for many years. Learn how hand-poured artisan cement tile can add a gorgeous touch to your staircase, and where you can find the best tiles available for your next project.

Maximize Space with Your Staircase

A staircase can be a great place to maximize space in your home — specifically, the space beneath your stairs. You can install extra shelving for storage under the stairs. You can build a wine rack to store your favorite vintages. You can even create a nap nook, small study room, office, powder room, or playhouse beneath the stairs.

Make Your Staircase Stand Out

Your staircase is just as important as any other place in your home. It’s not just how you get upstairs or down; it’s the pathway between the public and private areas of your home, and it’s a place that people see often. Use lighting to set off your stairs, such as linear or tread lights on the stairs themselves, or LEDs to illuminate your handrails to add not only light but a touch of class.

Complement Your Design

Make sure your staircase complements your overall home design. Whether your home is modern, rustic, vintage, or organic, make sure the stairs fit into that design. Don’t make the stairs an afterthought; make them an integral part of the overall look, feel the flow of your home. Your staircase style can enhance your design, whether it’s a straight stair, an L-shaped stair, U-shaped stairs, a curved or bifurcated grand stair, a spiral stair or any other design that can set off your décor.

Using Cement Tiles That Pop

Choosing the right tiles for your staircase will make all the difference in the world. Whether you tile the steps, the front of the stairs, the wall along the base of the stairs or even the handrail, tiles can set off your stairs with a stunning design. There are many ways you can accent your stairs; it’s just a matter of choosing the right design. Granada Tile has a wide range of collections you can browse through to find the right tile for your needs.

The Andalucia Collection offers classic, tapered, wavy and hex patterns to set off everything from a refined to an ultramodern look. The Minis Collection offers a range of geometric shapes and patterns like pinwheel, natural, rounded and zig zag. The Olvera Collection is ideal for an old-fashioned country-style look with squares, rectangles and other shapes. The Echo Collection includes our worldly designs with essential shapes in the Mediterranean, Moroccan, Spanish Colonial and other styles.

Feel free to browse our collection for tons of ideas on how you can optimize your staircase with custom cement tiles, and for more advice, call Granada Tile at 213-788-4238 or contact us online today!


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