Breathtaking Laundry Room Inspiration by Granada Tile

Breathtaking Laundry Room by Michelle Lisac that uses Athens Cement Tiles
Echo Athens Michelle Lisac

Few people think about their laundry room when they redecorate, leaving it a bare, unassuming room with white walls and your washer/dryer, but why? Make your laundry room look just as fabulous as the rest of your home. The right touches in this room can help keep it organized and make it a pleasant place to be instead of one where you focus on the labor of laundry.

Check out some breathtaking ideas for laundry room renovations inspired by modern, traditional, and old-world designs brought to you by Granada Tile.

Consider Your Style

There are lots of styles to choose from for your laundry room. You might select a rustic country look with earth tones and subtle, solid-colored tile designs etched into the floor. You might pick a beach look full of vibrant Mediterranean patterns and bright hues of yellow and blue. You might go contemporary and minimalist, choosing a palate of black, white and grey or true primary colors.

Transforming Your Laundry Room

Part of renovating your laundry room, perhaps the primary function, is keeping it organized. Make it a place that’s both useful and somewhere you want to be. That means matching the design scheme to the rest of your home, while staying organized. Consider having a bin dedicated to clothes you want to donate. This is a nice way to pare your wardrobe down a bit. Keep a container handy for emptying pockets and placing spare change. You’ll be surprised how fast it adds up!

A Clean Look and Organization

Consider your sense of style when you do up the laundry room. Do you choose a modern, contemporary look with bright shades of white and gray? Are mixed patterns of solid colors more for you? Maybe you will choose Mediterranean-themed tiles from the Echo or Minis collections, or the geometric patterns in the Andalucia or Olvera collections. Whether you want a country look or you’re after the ultramodern design, the right tile patterns can take the laundry room to the next level.

Try to stick to a pattern. Think about it and come up with a scheme that works for you.

Spruce Up a Small Space

The laundry room is often a small space. The right tile and color patterns can make it look larger. The appropriate tiles from our custom handmade tile collections can create that illusion making your small space look far less claustrophobic and more open and welcoming.

Best of all, handmade cement tiles can hold up to years of heavy wear, and the colors will never fade. They’re also low maintenance when properly installed and sealed.

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