4 Kitchen Remodeling Ideas Featuring Handmade Cement Tiles

The Workroom using Granada Tile's pattern for a kitchen island
Designer: The Workroom, Badajoz 912 B

It’s about that time again when people start thinking about spring remodeling projects, and what room of the house gets remodeled more than the kitchen? Of course, an essential part of redoing your kitchen is choosing what kinds of tile you’ll use for the floors, the walls, and the backsplash. Let’s check out four stunning kitchen remodeling ideas that feature handmade cement tiles that can take your entire design scheme to the next level.

Main Floor Tiles

The most apparent use of handmade artisan cement tiles is for your floor. These tiles offer a wide range of colors and designs to offset your scheme. They can also stand up to heavy use with minimal upkeep. The colors won’t fade and will last for years.

Create a Walkway

Creating the correct flow in your kitchen is essential. After choosing your main floor tile color, why not create a walkway to guide visitors along your path with something like the earthy colors and stone or terracotta look of the Olvera Collection?

Don’t Forget the Backsplash

Your backsplash is the focal point of your kitchen. It needs to stand out and make a statement. This is the point where it’s time to splurge on the perfect tiles, but pay attention to the details. Decide what kind of shape and size you want, and then go all in. Consider the Mediterranean-inspired Echo Collection or the Minis Collections for that authentic old-world look and style that will be an instant conversation starter.

Make Your Island or Cabinets Stand Out

Your island and cabinets are the heart and soul of your kitchen. Don’t just settle for something plain and basic. Make them stand out and complement the rest of your kitchen. Try something like the Andalucia Collection to add some subtle and distinctive shapes for a touch of sensuality and elegance that will create a focal point, whether it’s one or two accent tiles or a complete European or old-world look.

What’s Your Scheme?

When deciding how to apply your handmade cement tiles from our Echo, Andalucia, Minis, Olvera, and Relief collections, know what your scheme is. Are you going for an open floor plan where the kitchen will be visible from the dining room and living area? Do you want a contemporary look with lots of light and a minimalist design? Is a traditional pattern with earth tones and country style or a Mediterranean theme your jam?

Decide on your scheme and set a suitable layout. Your tiles need to complement the tone of the kitchen. They can either create an eyeline to follow along the floor, making a small space look larger or creating a focal point with a backsplash, cabinets, or island. The right tiles will add your sense of style while making all visitors feel right at home.

Check out the various collections of elegant cement tiles we have available. For more advice, call Granada Tile at 213-788-4238 or contact us online today!


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