Breaking News: Another Fez Tile Installation Steals the Show


Here’s a special treat to go with your Thanksgiving celebrations! We’re thrilled to share a brand new cement tile installation featuring Granada Tile‘s Fez tile design. This concrete tile design is really is a gem and comes to us courtesy of the minds at Mandil Inc., a Denver-based firm that utilizes color in strategic and magical ways.

For this project, the tile installation had to harmonize with the colors and textures not just the interior spaces—itself a particular challenge given that the open-floor plan offers glimpses into adjacent living and dining areas—but an outdoor area to boot. The designers from Mandil opted for our signature Fez tile design for the backsplash, which, while it has a strong presence itself, has an amazing ability to mix comfortably with diverse styles and materials.

And harmonize it had to, since the designers chose a robust mix of colors and textures to create a space that’s contemporary, warm and brimming with personality. From the sleek, electric blue of the kitchen cabinets, to the dark wood, wide-plank floors, to the rough hewn wood of the column at the far side of the kitchen, to the eye-catching bird’s nest chandelier above the dining table, to, of course, the sensational Fez kitchen tile backsplash, all of the elements work together. Like what you’ve seen today? We’ve got a bunch of juicy new tile installations to share with you over the next few weeks—think of them as early holiday presents. There might be some other fun surprises up our sleeves as well.



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